Nom Wah’s Owner Loves Seamless and Late-Night Pizza as Much as You Do

Nom Wah’s Owner Loves Seamless and Late-Night Pizza as Much as You Do

Plus, he gives us the perfect Chinese food order.

Alec Kugler
When it comes to those nights when you really want to indulge—have a great meal that’s purely delicious (as in not the healthiest) and probably a few drinks, too—there are very few places we’d rather go than Nom Wah Tea Parlor, a New York institution in one of Chinatown’s twisted alleys. And because a lot of people feel similarly warm and fuzzy feelings for their dumplings (get on those shrimp-and-snow-pea ones immediately), its spawned a miniature restaurant empire, ruled over by Wilson Tang, whose family has been running the original for decades.

Tang is one of those New York born-and-raised foodies who values his late-night pizza as much as he does his morning bagel (his is from Black Seed). But we wanted to get a glimpse inside his kitchen to see what kind of magic happens there as well. What we found is a down-to-earth pantry appropriate for a family of four that includes two small kids, plus the kind of food swag that only insiders get (experimental hot sauces, a premium of champagne and whiskey, and “exclusive” snacks found in Asia).

Click through the slideshow to read more about Tang’s Seamless habits and his obsession with Costco. Plus, he spills the perfect Nom Wah order.

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