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Grab Your Cardigans, Twee Is Back

4 ways to indulge without cutting your bangs.

It’s time to break out your ukulele and dust off your Belle and Sebastian vinyl—the TikTok trend gods have decreed twee is back. I was skeptical at first; though my high school WeHeartIt account (Tumblr for people who were scared of Tumblr) was covered with images of Alexa Chung, 500 Days of Summer fan art, and stills from Moonrise Kingdom, there is a saccharine element to this aesthetic that I wasn’t sure I was ready to revisit. But this twee resurgence doesn’t necessarily have to be a rehashing of mid-2000s mustache-core. That era drew upon a range of fantastic vintage style references from British mod to French new wave–after all, Anna Karina walked so Zooey Deschanel could do-si-do. We’ve gathered a few ways to incorporate the twee aesthetic into your everyday wardrobe that won’t make you look like a Portlandia extra.

The Cardigan

Though the sexy Y2K single-button cardi has dominated the field over the last year, perhaps it is time to reintroduce its cozy cousin back into our outfit equations.

Crew-neck Cropped Cardigan

Danielle Guizio

The Statement Collar

Whether it’s a Peter Pan, prairie, or pussy-bow collar, you have to have something peeking out from atop your cardigan.

Peter Pan Collar Silk Blouse

RED Valentino
$495 $297

The Pleated Plaid Skirt

Ever the twee style icon generator, Wes Anderson has blessed us with Juliette, the student activist in French Dispatch. If it’s up to me, the plain black skater skirt, a staple of twee 2000s style, will be left to rest in peace in the archives along with the infamous Jeffrey Campbell Lita boot. Instead, consider Juliette’s pleated plaid skirt paired with calf-length boots. I’m half convinced Vespa helmets will be spring’s hottest accessory.

Semira Pleated Mini Skirt

Alice + Olivia
$289 $202

Mary Janes

Yes, the ballet flat is the obvious twee choice, but Mary Janes are also having a moment, and with both dainty and chunky options, they afford a lot more flexibility. Pair with white or red tights for maximum effect.

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