Is There Such a Thing as Too Much Color?

After challenging herself to wear more of it, this PR maven has thoughts to share.

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sara larson

Welcome to Style Diaries, a new series where we research the physical manifestations of our closet tours IRL. We're asking friends and tastemakers to show us what they're *actually* wearing during the week and to provide a little insight into their thoughts on the current state of fashion. This week, PR aficionado Sara Larson documents her experimentation with color. After challenging herself to wear more of it, she’s created outfits featuring pink PVC, neon green sneakers, cherry red knits, and green bodycon dresses, proving these shocking hues aren’t so scary after all.

What role does fashion play in your life? How does it serve you?

“Fashion is a constant in my life. It’s part of my everyday existence. Living in a few cities across the globe before settling down in NYC, I’ve had the chance to experiment with my own style over the years. I continue to evolve and change while maintaining a solid personal sense of style. I love to see color in a new way, to mix prints with just the right amount of vibrancy. Most of all, I find the greatest joy in discovery—old and new alike. The 'wow' moment for me is seeing a magnificent piece for the first time.

“We all have different lenses, which is what makes it a personal adventure of expression—it’s what also makes it beautiful. Fashion serves me because I’m able to support established and emerging designers in their work. I love getting that delicious chance to put an extraordinary piece on my body and feeling all of the electricity and creativity that went into that piece. It’s adding the right necklace or lipstick to make it feel understated or completely over the top.

“I feel grateful to live in the world of fashion and to get to do what I love, everyday.”

Day 1: A Dinner with Friends

sara larson
sara larson

“I love a monochromatic look and this archival Escada sweater happened to be the exact match to my favorite One/Of Cydney dress. I really like to style a button-up fully buttoned for a more masculine, skater vibe. Here, I have it open with a vintage Celine chain necklace and Jamie Wolf tennis necklace. The Prada loafers with a black silk sock were the finishing touch to give it a chunkier vibe but still ‘enough’ to wear at night to a dinner or event.

“[I loved] the versatility and brightness. I feel my best in red or a bright color—next to all black. This look feels like armor, which illuminates me from the inside out.”

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His & Hers

Alejandra Alonso Rojas

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D.S. & Durga

What does your style look like these days? Do you have a go-to outfit formula or do you prefer to switch it up when getting dressed?

“It varies really! If I’m going to the studio, I love to wear denim and a cozy cashmere sweater (The Ludisia from One/Of is the softest thing I’ve ever worn) with sneakers or these JW Anderson slides. Always fresh skin (Babara Sturm is my ultimate fave) and some kind of lip (Milk Makeup makes an incredible red). Also, a fun line up of jewelry and layered earrings. Same with rings. If I’m headed to a meeting in Brooklyn or the city, I will most likely wear something with pizazz and these fun Jimmy Choos for some color. I think now more than ever, I celebrate any excuse to dress up!”

Day 2: Plant Shopping with the Husband

sara larson
sara larson

“Next to red, my second greatest love is jungle green. I’m obsessed with this power knit dress by Galvan. It makes me feel my sexiest. I wanted to pare it down for a day look, so I threw on this Balenciaga oversized denim jacket, paired with these super fun Loewe sneakers and lemon Hunting Season top handle bag for a shot of vitamin D. Playing with color and print, [I managed to] strike that right balance between the two.”

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Dr. Barbara Sturm

What energy are you bringing to your ensembles this season? What are you looking forward to wearing?

"Color, color, color! I started experimenting with wearing monochromatic red and have evolved into other bright colors—I’m excited to see what I come up with this year."

Day 3: Lunch Meeting & Dinner at Indochine

sara larson
sara larson

“Pink is a new world of exploration for me. As the red lipstick wearer that I am, I do sometimes veer into the world of pinks. This Batsheva dress in literally the most perfect shade of pink is incredible. The fabric is PVC and it hugs the body in all the right places and could not be more fun to wear. I happen to have a sweater from Oscar de la Renta in a matching shade of pink and, paired with these vintage Valentino boots, makes the look feel complete. It’s a light vibe, but also serious enough for a new client meeting and a great representation of one of my many, many fashion sides. Wearing the pink PVC feels like a dream walking down the streets of Manhattan. It’s understated but made to stand out, wherever you go.”

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Knit Cardigan with Flower Buttons

Oscar de La Renta
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Bing 100

Jimmy Choo

In terms of beauty, what does your go-to hair and makeup routine look like, and how does that change based on what you’re wearing?

“My go-to hair is a razor sharp bob (with an undercut) because I have such thick hair! Kenna at Kennaland knows exactly what my hair needs and has been cutting it for a while now. Edward Lampley actually gave me my signature cut a few years ago, and it’s been a staple for me in my beauty look! I love to try a red lip. Truth be told, I always end up mixing an Hermès orange with a favorite red like Milk or Gucci Westman. My hair and makeup look really stays the same no matter what I wear, I find. I may do more of a nude lip if I’m wearing a super bright color, or I’ll go for it with either a red or orange—pending what fashion. Always a thin black eyeliner and my newest mascara obsession is Soshe—mascara is key for me! Also, a staple no matter what is my signature red nail. I sometimes love to experiment with either checkers or a modern moon mani from time to time! I either go to my local, vegan nail salon in Greenpoint or Paintbox. I also always love to have a fragrance from DS & Durga or a mixture of the two, like Rose Atlantic and Amber Teutonic - this is a huge part of my routine. Having a signature fragrance leaves someone with a more vivid memory of you."

Day 4: Park Date with the Kids

sara larson
sara larson

“An oversized, colorful knit feels so good to romp around in while chasing my kids to and from. Paired with vintage Guess jeans and my literal favorite boots of the season from Bottega. I was unsure at first about the green soles, but they go with everything and are also very comfy and super resilient. [I loved] the comfort and ease of it all!”

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Look 5: Alejandra Alonso Rojas Showroom Visit & Hanging Out with Her Daughter

sara larson
sara larson

“I was playing around with my friend Alejandra’s red leather cap from her latest collection and fell in love with how it looked paired with one of my favorite Batsheva dresses (that I wear as much as I have an excuse for) and voila! The crisp, clean colors felt good to wear together.”

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Spring Lucy Dress

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