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Things I Saw & Liked This Week

Stephanie Mark shares her favorite weekly finds.

Throughout each week I encounter a ton of products, people, places, and things. Some of them come to me through work, but most of them come from IRL recommendations from friends and colleagues (I love a good insider tip) and from my own personal love for discovering new things and for adding pieces that I truly love. Below are some of my finds from the past week.

Ribbed Knit-Trimmed Wool Straight-Leg Pants

Do you love pants (I adore a good trouser) but are also scared to put your pants back on and start wearing them again? This number by Peter Do hits all the marks for me—a slouchy fit that also has a built-in COVID-friendly waistband.

Peter Do

Vintage Rolex Datejust Diamond & 18kt Gold Watch

My dear friend Lizzie Mandler is potentially the only person who could convince me to readopt wearing a watch. I love how she reworks vintage Rolex watches and makes them feel contemporary and one-of-a-kind.

Lizzie Mandler

Body Wash

On the topic of friends doing amazing things: A new product is great. A new sustainable, industry-disrupting, and life-changing product launched by your friends is even better. May I introduce Plus, a body-wash sheet that lathers when water is added and whose packaging dissolves and washes down the drain in the time it takes you to soap up.


Rainbow Weed

While some people have been baking banana bread, I have taken up needlepoint as my new COVID hobby. West Village Knit and Needle opened a few months ago, and I am proud to say I am now a regular. Not only do they have great canvases, but they also do classes and are opening up their backyard for groups soon, as well. Don't worry if you don't live in NYC—they ship!

West Village Knit and Needle

Striped Sweetheart-Neck Cotton Midi Dress

Every summer I find one dress that I wear consistently. It takes me from day to night, can be dressy or casual, can be worn with flats or feels, can be paired with a jacket or sweater—you get the idea. This season, I believe this Carolina Herrera dress is more than up to the task. I can picture myself wearing it during the day in the city, at night eating outside, at a casual wedding, on vacation...the list goes on and on.

Carolina Herrera

Cause We Care Hoodie

Aritzia launched a capsule collection for Mother's Day, and I am 100 percent adding this sweatshirt to my growing pandemic collection of them. For every shirt sold, all the profits will be donated to the Cause We Care Foundation that supports single mothers and their families.

Aritzia Community

Poppy At Home Subscription

I love flowers but have also come to realize that my thumb is most definitely NOT green. No matter how hard I try, putting together a floral arrangement is not a task I can master. Since I love having flowers in the house, I was so thrilled to find Poppy's monthly subscription. Not only do they take the guesswork out of what flowers to choose, it also comes with instructions on how to arrange them.

Poppy Flowers
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