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11 Repairing Products Your Split Ends Need Right Now

With a salon visit still a few weeks away, these will keep your hair healthier, longer.

Now that we’ve been sheltering in place for over two months, we can’t pretend that we aren’t looking at our split ends at least twice daily. So what can we do about them? Although the best thing is to snip them, our stylists would prefer if we kept our self-trims to a minimum (fewer mistakes for them to fix later on, you know?). However, we still have plenty of options to repair and nourish our hair until the world opens back up. Refrain from using heated styling tools as much as possible, as those will exacerbate damaged ends. Also, since your hair is extremely fragile and susceptible to breakage while wet, avoid rubbing it with a towel (use a hair turban or soft t-shirt instead) or brushing with anything that is not a wide-tooth comb. Finally, use products that will help to seal split cuticles back to the hair shaft while adding plenty of hydration to prevent the damage in the first place. Check out 11 of our favorite split-end products below.

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Oribe Split End Seal, $48

There is something satisfying about the word “seal” in relation to our split ends. Now, the name is not merely a result of good marketing; this product works. Carob tree extract creates an amino-acid matrix that pulls frayed cuticles back to the shaft, helping to seal the hair and repair breakage. Olive oil and jojoba oil both work to provide the hair with shine.
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