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This Body Moisturizer Saved My Skin This Winter

Dry skin? IDK her.

This Body Moisturizer Saved My Skin This Winter
Ama Kwarteng

“Don’t forget: pizza, french fry,” read a text from my little sister, who has never skied before. Her text joined a chorus of other voices, giving me the same “pizza, french fry” advice ahead of my first time on the mountain. The thing, though, about “pizza, french fry” is that it doesn’t work. I know. I was shocked, too, but after hitting the slopes—and I mean that literally—several times, I can attest to the fact that getting down the hill isn't made any easier by positioning your skis in the shape of fast food. I later learned that turning, speeding up, and slowing down is more about how you shift your weight on your skis, but it was too late. Globs of partly melted snow seeped through my (probably inappropriate for skiing) cashmere gloves and made their way into my ski suit, exposing my hands and arms to the wintery elements.

Quick science lesson: the greater the distance above the sea, the less oxygen (and humidity) there is in the air. What this means is your skin dries out; rough, red patches start to crop up; your cuticles begin to flake; a dull, ashy complexion settles on your skin. Aspen is around 8,000 feet above sea level. The mountains are even higher. You can do the math. Technically speaking, my skin barrier should’ve been cooked. Done for. RIP. But, once I reached the après ski portion of my trip, I noticed that was not the case at all. While, yes, my fingers were cold, my skin had emerged unscathed. Turns out the real MVP in keeping your skin happy is a good body moisturizer.

The Formula

Each tub of the Delicia Drench Body Butter is packed with humectants and barrier-protecting ingredients.

Bacuri Butter:Rich in fatty acids, vitamins, and antioxidants, this ingredient deeply hydrates the skin barrier and locks in moisture.

Brazilian Soothing Complex: Soothes stressed skin and improves the appearance of redness, thanks to a blend of copaiba resin and passionflower seed oil.

Prebiotic Hibiscus: Sustains and supports the microbiome to improve skin’s resilience.

Hyaluronic Acid: Attracts moisture to the skin, making it look plumper, dewier, and more hydrated.

I don’t ask too much from my body lotion. I just need it to feel good, smell great, absorb quickly, and make my skin glow. Pretty reasonable, right? I mean, what good is a sensual, luxurious texture if it takes forever to absorb? I can confirm that Declicia Drench checks off all the boxes. Because it pairs a rich, thick texture with an oil-based formula, it’s able to support the skin barrier and penetrate deep into the skin to alleviate dryness and boost moisture levels.

The Scent

Cheirosa ’59 Scent Profile

Top: Velvet Plum, Sugared Violet

Mid: Vanilla Orchid, Whipped Amber

Dry: Sheer Sandalwood, Fresh Vetiver

Sol de Janeiro products are known for their scents, and Delicia Drench is no exception. The body butter features the brand’s Cheirosa ’59 scent, a comforting and mature vanilla with a hint of violet and woody notes. It’s not overly sweet; it’s calming, transforming the simple act of applying body butter into a relaxing and tender ritual. The fragrance may be a bit strong for some people, but don’t worry—it’s not overwhelming and dries down to a subtle skin scent.

Me, pretending to ski.

Hanging out at 11,000 feet above sea level. Not a dry patch in sight.

If you want to keep your body soft and moisturized while frolicking in low temperatures, this body butter is perfect for the job. The luxurious texture feels like a hug on your skin, and it doesn’t leave a slick, sticky residue behind. All the oils in the formula mean that this body butter doubles as a topcoat for your skin, leaving behind a subtle highlight. And you can slide right into your pants or your sheets without ruining them. But this isn’t a winter-only body butter. A couple of weeks ago, the weather gods blessed New York City with a 75-degree day. I massaged in Delicia Drench, curious to see if it would feel different on my skin when it was warm outside. And the answer was no; it didn’t suddenly get greasy or weigh down my skin, making this my new go-to body moisturizer regardless of the temperature outside.

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