5 Ways to Wear Mohair Like a '90s It Girl

Forget antiquated fashion rules—this material is made for spring.

5 Ways to Wear Mohair Like a '90s It Girl
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Those of us in New York are experiencing the rapid temperature fluctuations of spring this week—one day we’re in the low 20s, the next it’s 60 degrees and sunny. Mohair is the perfect material for 40-degree temperature swings because it layers well but isn’t too warm on its own, particularly if you—like me—are seduced by the deconstructed, loose-knit trend. Also, the pastels mohair pieces often come in are lovely for the time of year when you’re itching to break out your colorful warm-weather wardrobe but might’ve just felt a snowflake hit your cheek.

Historically, mohair has been a ’90s "it girl" favorite—think about this iconic Faye Wong look, the cover of Bjork’s Debut album, or Liv Tyler’s sweater-and-plaid skirt outfit in Empire Records. The material is soft, sweet, and carries a connotation of innocence, but like Mary Janes or the infamous American Apparel tennis skirt, can be coyly sexy. With the ’90s and Y2K revival, it makes sense that today’s style starlets like Emma Chamberlain, who was recently photographed in a teal mohair set, are gravitating toward the material. So, in the spirit of rebellious ’90s ingenues and breaking fashion rules, we're sharing five ways to wear mohair this spring, below.

Statement Top

One of my favorite trends this year was the Instagram knitwear renaissance. The balaclava and avant basic trends paved the way for thriving indie knitwear brands like Verconiik and Mila Èt Mila. Peruse their shops for a one-of-a-kind find!

Knit Vest



I'm all about a neutral trousers-and-button-up daily uniform, but for the moments you want to stand out, throw on a bright loose-knit sweater dress over the whole ensemble for a completely different look. Add shades, and you’ve increased the likelihood of an amateur street style photographer snapping a pic of you.

Long Dress

$2,255 $1,027

Riley Crew Midi Dress

Rag & Bone
$450 $337

Monochrome Sweater and Skirt

By the time April rolls around, I want nothing more than to throw all my pants out the window. I might blind the world with my paleness, but my leg skin needs the sun even if it’s still in the mid-50s. A tennis skirt and matching mohair sweater make the perfect Sunday outfit. Pair this with platform Mary Janes and a statement bag for maximum soft grunge revival energy.

Textured-knit Jumper

Salvatore Ferragamo

Juliet Skirt


Clutch Bag

Maraya Fisher
Themoirè Gea


While the mohair bucket hat trend is still going strong, consider this darling little bonnet an alternative. Spring is definitely the most twee, cottagecore season, and this bonnet is a lovely way to lean into it. Grab a basket and head to your nearest farmers market to feel like a Beatrix Potter character.


Mila Èt Mila

Colorful Cardigan

The cardigan is a classic spring staple for a reason. Throw this on top of a casual weekend jeans-and-tank-top look to add warmth without lugging around a jacket.

Cable-knit Fluffy Cardigan

Paco Rabanne
$845 $700
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