How to Wear Cowboy Boots Sans the Western-Wear Connotation
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How to Wear Cowboy Boots Sans the Western-Wear Connotation

No actual cowboys in sight.

Cowboy boots are steeped in historical (sartorial) context—a pair of the pointy-toed western footwear typically conjures up visions of dusty lassos and fringed chaps. So, the key to wearing them in a modern manner is to switch up all those variables or, in other words, layer in modern elements to the ensemble. We’ve combed the runways and internet in search of examples and found three outfits that prove the task at hand—to wear cowboy boots and not feel out of place in 2022—can be overcome. Continue scrolling to discover more.

Knit Midi Dress + Leather Blazer

Right Photo: Edward Berthelot/Getty

Despite the bright hue, the bulk of these elements are rather simple: a knit midi dress and a leather blazer. Therefore, the black-and-white boots add intrigue without clashing too aggressively with the other items at play.

Joy Fitted Knit Midi Dress

Remain Birger Christensen
$240 $180

Morgan Necklace

Justine Clenquet

Denim Shorts + T-Shirt + Blazer

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While denim shorts and cowboy boots might seem aggressive as a standalone pairing, the addition of the tailored blazer tones down the overall effect. Add a chain link handbag and insert a silk scarf as a belt to cement the final look.

Joss Denim Shorts

The Frankie Shop



Plaid Separates + Vest + Western Accessories

Right Photo: Edward Berthelot/Getty

Another unlikely pairing—a suit and cowboy boots—is made palatable with a muted color palette and cohesive accessories. A dash of blue in the form of a vest breaks up the overt western nature present in the brown tones.

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