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5 Easy Ways to Wear Winter’s Most Glamorous Accessory

Instant elegance.

If Holly Golightly’s cure for the mean reds is grabbing a croissant and catching a cab to Tiffany’s, donning a pair of opera-length gloves might be the next best thing. It’s the easiest way to feel luxurious, whether you’re adding an extra layer under your winter coat, accessorizing a glamorous outfit, or lounging about the house in the nude a la Julia Fox’s iconic pregnancy shoot. While they might be trendy now, they’re pretty timeless, so investing in the perfect pair is sure to pay off. Here, we’ve gathered our favorites to shop now as well as a few of our favorite ways to style.

Under an Oversized Coat

If you’re sick of feeling frumpy in the winter, elbow-length leather gloves will make you feel incredibly polished under your cold-weather layers.

Cashmere-trimmed Lambskin Gloves

Ann Demeulemeester

Black Nappa Long Gloves

Jil Sander
$590 $378

A Glamorous Statement

Moving forward, our party outfit mantra is WWMW (what would Maddy wear?), and we certainly could see Alexa Demie donning a pair of statement, opera-length gloves on Euphoria. Pair with a strapless dress, and enjoy the decadent impracticality of not being able to check your phone all night!

Gracie Mesh Gloves

Poster Girl

Matching Set

Turns out Kim Kardashian’s infamous 2013 Givenchy Met Gala look was just ahead of its time—gloves and garments in matching statement prints are big right now. Bonus points if your gloves and top physically connect.

Tattoo-print Frill-hem Dress

Marine Serre
$877 $526

The Arm Warmer

As the TikTok audio goes, “this one probably shouldn’t count, but we’ll allow it because you have good taste.” (The girls that get it, get, and the girls who don’t, don’t.) The knit arm warmer is an excellent, practical option for the winter because you can actually use your phone. Plus, the zoomers might mistake you for one of their own.

The Twee Revival

We all know that long white socks are a hallmark of twee style, but what about long white gloves? If you’re looking to incorporate a twee element into your wardrobe, these meet our criteria: cute, anachronistic, and Zooey Deschanel-worthy.

Long-length Knitted Gloves

MM6 Maison Margiela
$320 $224
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