It’s Official: Lilac Is the New Pink

Here's how to style fashion's latest color.

lilac styling tips

When propositioned correctly, the right color can dominate all facets of the world we live in. It can be the star of fashion, showing up in monochromatic looks, a quick pop of color, or appear all over red carpets and runways. It could also be advertising gold, becoming the go-to for packaging, flyers, signs, newsletters, and more. This was the case for millennial pink, which ruled for almost a decade and paved the wave for Gen-z green, which has been trending for much of this summer.

But as we move toward the fall/winter season, lilac stands out as fashion's new *it* color. The soft shade of purple was seen on the runway in many of the ready-to-wear collections. At Jil Sander, a structured, long double-breasted coat in a light, almost marshmallow-like lilac graced the runway with its matching gloves. In a similar fashion, Salvatore Ferragamo used the color to showcase versatility in textures. The collection included a maxi-style bodycon dress that was adorned with light draping, an oversized fuzzy V-neck sweater, a tailored pair of wide-flair trousers, and a structured top paired with a gauzy bottom. The true test of a color's lifespan in fashion is in tonal styling, i.e., can it be worn head to toe whilst remaining chic? A question that was boldly put to rest at Givenchy with a figure-fitting, long-sleeve lilac maxi look complete with muted purple tights, lilac rubber boots, and a soft violet chain bag.
lilac styling tips

Photo: Courtesy of Jil Sander

lilac styling tips

Photo: Courtesy of Salvatore Ferragamo

lilac styling tips

Photo: Courtesy of Givenchy

From runway to real life, it's clear that the lighter shade of violet is here to stay. Be it just a flash of color from an accessory or a full-on monochromatic look, lilac has the quality of wearability. In its lightest hue it can have a muted look much like an off-white and can become the neutral tone when styling, while a deeper lavender-like shade can make a statement when paired with bold colors like fuchsia, pink, or gold. The versatility and certain je ne sais quoi of lilac and lavender shades make them easy to integrate into your wardrobe, whether you're looking to make a big splash or just a subtle wave.

lilac styling tips

Photo: Courtesy of Instagram/@champagnemani

lilac styling tips

Photo: Courtesy of Instagram/@morganmariejones

lilac styling tips

Photo: Courtesy of Instagram/@sincerelyjules

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