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Libra Season is Here to Restore Harmony

Time to take advantage of its abundance.

Libra Season is Here to Restore Harmony

Ruled by Venus, those born under the star sign of Libra are harbingers of beauty and a friend to all, creating community and love wherever they go. Their even temperedness often allows them the ability to accomplish any task efficiently while still uplifting and appreciating that it takes a village to create the ideal. No matter your sign or astrological placements, we can all benefit from this magical season.

Libra is a small constellation and is symbolized by the scales, representing a moment of balance from one point of reality to another. The spring and summer months on the western hemisphere are hot and alive with vitality, growth, and abundance and Libra marks a center point. This astrological season is the announcement of moving into a dreamier, darker part of the year when we look inward and create warmth from within. In fact, it is Libra that symbolizes mankind's eternal struggle for balance between any duality and striving for higher consciousness while still being a human with material desires.

One of the main hermetic principles in occultism is that opposites are identical in nature but different in degree: hot and cold, love and hate, and light and dark are two sides of the same coin. With this concept of polarity, it is difficult to really determine where one extreme ends and the next begins, and we gain the awareness that everything that falls somewhere in between is just a matter of degree. Once again it is the star sign of Libra that is a gift to the world, teaching us the possibility of equilibrium between nature's opposites. We must endeavor not to be on one side of the scale or the other, but rather to be centered in between, trusting our rhythm and reminding us that life will balance itself out because it is natural law.

For all of us, Libra season is a reminder to not be so hard on ourselves because harmony is really a momentary frequency to us on Earth. Balance is not something to be achieved but rather something that just is. Practicing meditation and mindfulness is great, but in today's world of constant stimulation, it is harder to catch those moments of stillness. Regardless, the energy of Libra season reminds us that you don’t really have to do anything: harmony is wherever you are now and available at any time.

This theme of balance, or the closest we’re able to achieve it, is further demonstrated by the occurrence of the Autumn Equinox when the sun aligns with the Earth's equator and shines on half of the Earth equally. The ancients knew that these times of alignment were something to be sure of in times of great uncertainty. It is still true that everything that happens in space affects us here on Earth, so the equinox marks a magical period when day and night are at equal lengths. It’s a time of stillness when the past lays in shadow and the future is illuminated. Sitting here and soaking in the beauty of these moments reminds us of our place here on earth.

As we’ve been collectively evolving on our journeys and finding ourselves with a stellium of planets in retrograde, this feeling of a new direction based on acceptance of the past is harmonious with the sky. Everything is now making sense and we realize everything is connected.

I always feel Libra season is a time of understanding. Understanding what got you here, understanding time and movement, understanding your darkness, your light, and realizing your innate power of centering yourself between both extremes. Here, anything can be created and anything is possible.

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