Lana Condor Shares Seattle’s Must-Try Restaurants Across the City

The actress and ultimate foodie on the best date-night spot, her favorite hole-in-the-wall, and more.

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Lana Condor Shares Seattle’s Must-Try Restaurants Across the City
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Facing a rapid fire round of Seattle-specific foodie questions, Lana Condor doesn’t flinch. “Don’t be sorry,” she responds as I apologize for requesting a restaurant tour on the fly. “I love food. Food is literally my passion.”

Raised in the Pacific Northwest, Condor’s affinity for seafood runs deep. Poké is the actress’ favorite lunchtime meal, oysters are a go-to appetizer, and canned sardines are a must-have snack. As such, many of her Seattle haunts are famous purveyors of fresh fish, while others earned her loyalty experientially with their incomparable atmosphere and decor. That said, regardless of your mood (or culinary preferences!), Condor has a restaurant recommendation for you. Move over, Yelp, there’s a new critic in town.

Go-To Hotspot for a First Date: The Pink Door

“There’s a really great restaurant called The Pink Door that’s a classic Italian spot, but it’s designed as a jazz bar/speakeasy. It’s in an alleyway, there are no markings—you just look for a pink door. Then it becomes a super romantic Italian trattoria—chandeliers, beautifully-framed mirrors. [It’s] right by Pike Place Market.”

Best Bite for Your Buck: 45th Stop N Shop

“There’s this poké spot called 45th Stop N Shop. It’s so interesting. I wouldn’t call it a hole-in-the-wall, but it’s this small Asian bodega/corner market with a tiny, incredible poké bar. Honestly, it’s the best poké I’ve ever had—super fresh, very traditional Hawaiian-style poké, and super affordable. I’ve never had better poké.”

Sushi Spot That Feeds Your Soul: Sushi Kappo Tamura

“There’s this restaurant called Sushi Kappo Tamura. It’s a small business that was open throughout the pandemic for takeout or delivery, so I would frequent them often. They’re so consistent.”

Hole-In-The-Wall That Will Change Your Life: Seattle Fish Guys

“There’s a fishmonger called Seattle Fish Guys. They are another small business and Asian-owned. They have the freshest seafood. Their fishmonger is amazing and they wholesale [seafood], but they also have dishes you can eat on the sidewalk. They have amazing poké, tamache, clam chowder, and oyster shooters [as well]. It’s an absolute gem.”

Go-To Recipe: Whole30 Zuppa Toscana

“One of my favorite recipes is a Whole30 Zuppa Toscana—I got the recipe from a chef I follow on Instagram. It’s my favorite feel-good, feel-cozy-in-your-own-body hearty soup! It’s also Whole30 and healthy. I like to use chicken stock and coconut milk. Bonus points if you make the chicken stock yourself!”

Best-Kept Secret: Hot Tub Boats

“This one is not actually food. In South Lake Union, there are a couple companies that [provide] hot tub boats that you steer yourself. It’s a two-person-sized tiny boat that’s a hot tub—like 6x4. So you’re sitting in a hot tub in a lake and you can just laze around. Anthony, [my fiancé], took me on it for Valentine’s Day and I truly think it’s one of Seattle’s best-kept secrets. [I had the] most amazing, relaxing, super fun time.”

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