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Add to Cart: Pre-Holiday Gifts to Buy Yourself

Because self-care is essential to spreading holiday cheer.

Though potentially the most exciting, and iconically the "most wonderful," time of the year, the holidays can also be highly overwhelming. Even if your space has been decked out since well before Thanksgiving (guilty), a calendar full of festive events and a growing list of gifts to buy can cause anxiety for even the most seasoned and organized partygoer. With such emphasis placed on spoiling those around us, this time of year may feel like the wrong time to treat yourself. To this, we reply: NEVER. Such constant overstimulation makes the next few weeks an essential time to pamper and practice very much needed self-care, and we've got just the list of things you should never feel guilty about gifting to yourself. You'll find everything you need to get in the spirit, prep for festivities, and create a sanctuary to unwind from it all below.

The Iconic Ice Kit

The Skinny Confidential
$115 $98

Holiday Mug

Rifle Paper Co.


Parrish LA
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Part of the series:

Holiday Haul

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