Why My Breast Augmentation Surgery Was Liberating—And Just for Me

Helecia Williams put off her surgery for years, until she booked it without telling anyone. In collaboration with MENTOR®.

Why My Breast Augmentation Surgery Was Liberating—And Just for Me

I've always loved my body and been told I was beautiful. Confidence wasn't really difficult for me, but I was insecure about parts of myself. Over the years, my body changed as I developed, my weight fluctuated heavily, and I wasn't as proportionate as I was before. Most things I could adjust in the gym or through eating habits, but the size of my breasts was genetic. Although I accepted myself as I was, I knew I could make enhancements through surgery.

A self-made motto I stand by is, "You might as well live while you're living." If there were some perfect-way-of-life book to live by, we would all be doing it, but being that most of it is unexpected or out of my control, I just take the risks and live.

Photo: Jontrice Murray

When it came to plastic surgery, I was comforted knowing that it was a way to change things I was insecure about. I put it off for years. Finally, I asked myself: What are you waiting for? I didn't need validation or money, so I made the decision to get plastic surgery. I didn't even tell anyone until I knew my surgery date and had already paid for it. I did what made me happy.

I'd never been in the hospital or had any procedures, so that part was scary to me, and one of the main reasons why I held off for so long. Prior to going under, I took to the internet and started doing major research. I watched implant experiences, surgeries, and aftercare online, and also read about doctors and different types of implants. I researched heavily for about two weeks, and the knowledge I gained took away my fear, I became confident.

I knew the risks, proper care, healing process, and everything in between. My consultation lasted two hours, and it was liberating. The doctor I went with had an extensive aftercare appointment schedule and a 24-hour hotline to call about any concerns. I received the best care, I have no regrets and there’s nothing I would’ve changed—my process was amazing.

In the grand scheme of things, I’ve realized that no one who actually loves you really cares about your flaws. They think you're beautiful, and what you think about yourself really matters the most. The most important thing is to love yourself, and once you do, there’s nothing anyone can tell you that will break your confidence.

Photo: Jontrice Murray

Body confidence is about feeling good in the body that you're in. There's no standard body—it's what's comfortable to you. The body that makes you feel sexy and empowered looks different for so many people. I knew my power when I didn't change or adjust anything for anyone. I made changes to please myself.

Loving myself changed my life and brought about opportunities, amazing relationships, and a well-rounded life filled with experiences and people who love me the way I love them. People perceive me as whoever I show up as. If I walk into a room feeling beautiful and confident, I become a superstar, because others believe what I believe about myself. That's what confidence and loving your body bring.

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