The Future of Fashion

A Letter from the Editor
The last year and a half—for better or for worse—has been intricately linked to change. Change in the way we’ve been forced to adapt and respond to an unprecedented pandemic; change in the way we, as human beings, have interacted with one another; change even in our feelings about getting dressed and our approach to fashion. The eternal optimist in me will always view change as a period for growth, but it can sometimes feel uncomfortable, and never has that been more apparent than in the fashion industry. Many consumers are no longer sitting back complacent and are instead choosing to align with brands ushering in a new era of sustainability, inclusivity, innovation, and representation. This period of change has encouraged all of us to have a voice, but we’re just getting started. In this issue, we’re highlighting voices that promote progress in our access to open education, regarding sustainability, the desire to forge a deeper connection with clothing, new ways to talk about inclusivity in fashion, and a commitment to the ongoing analysis of it all—yes, the clothing itself, but also our consumption habits, the language we use in marketing, and the responsibility that comes with influence. So, what will shape the future of fashion? That largely remains to be seen, but thoughtful change is good and the future for the fashion industry can and should be bright and better than ever. —Jess Teves

Defining the Future of Sustainability in Streetwear

Version Tomorrow talks eco-friendly merch, recycled garments, and environmental change.

The Print Renaissance

A closer look at how print in the digital age is evolving for the better.


2020 Produced Gains for Black Creatives, but Will the Growth Be Permanent?

Black entrepreneurs give an update on how the year unfolded for them and their businesses.

Does Fashion Need Critics?

Their current role in this industry is up for debate.

How Gen Z Is Redefining Our Idea of “High Fashion”

Where menswear, streetwear, and high fashion converge.

How an Injectable Neurotoxin Changed the Face of Aging

Happy 20th birthday, Botox! You don't look a day over 19.

Fitting In: The Challenges with Gender Expression in the Fashion Industry

With the demand for gender-fluid fashion on the rise, can the industry overcome its inability to size up and ditch unisex gimmicks?

Does the Beauty Industry Need a Czar?

Experts weigh in on what can be done to curb the industry's overconsumption problem.

Dirk Standen on the Future of the Fashion Industry

The former editor-in-chief of and the founding editor of Conde Nast's creative agency 23 Stories shares his thoughts.

How Influencers Evolved Past Their Use-By Date

You heard the bubble is about to burst? Think again.

Unlearning What You Know about Fashion Can Change the Industry

Slow Factory, Vestiaire Collective, and Adidas are here to help with the Open Education program.

10 Rising Designers That Are Changing the Face of Fashion

Up Next Designer, the industry source for emerging talent, weighs in.

Styling without Boundaries: Understanding the Influence of Law Roach

How the Image Architect is rewriting the present and future of fashion.