Your Biannual Dose of Sartorial Inspiration From NYFW

Ahead, our favorite looks from the streets.

Fashion Week
Your Biannual Dose of Sartorial Inspiration From NYFW
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New York’s Spring/Summer fashion week always feels like the beginning of a new school year. The stars of my Instagram feed have returned from whatever fabulous location they escaped to in August, freckled, tanned, armed with a refreshed wardrobe, and ready to set the tempo for autumn. The past few seasons of fashion week street style have been characterized by vivid colors and bombastic maximalism—the kind of “dopamine dressing” that can be expected after months of sweatpants and TikTok scrolling. This season has been more subdued, but no less rich in inspiration. The micro-mini trend, ignited by the infamous Miu Miu set and Diesel belt-skirt has cycled through, leaving us with elegant long hemlines and a subtler sexiness. Oversized silhouettes and earth tones dominated, punctuated by the occasional bright ensemble. This semester, the lesson of fashion week is one of proportion and volume—and we’ve gathered a visual syllabus of our favorite street style looks to study.

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