This Paris-Based Buying Director Is Not Afraid to Lean into Oversized Silhouettes and Menswear

Paradise Garage Store’s Estelle Chemouny shares what she wore this week.

Style Diaries
estelle chemouny
Photo: Courtesy of Estelle Chemouny

Welcome to Style Diaries, a new series where we research the physical manifestations of our closet tours IRL. We're asking friends and tastemakers to show us what they're *actually* wearing during the week and provide a little insight into their thoughts on the current state of fashion. This week we are speaking with Estelle Chemouny, founder and buying director of Paris-based Paradise Garage Store, a sartorial haven for the coolest emerging designers.

What does your style *actually* look like right now?

“It's colorful, bold, and comfy! My style hasn't changed much this year, as I've always loved oversize silhouettes, menswear, t-shirts as dresses, and track pants."

Day 1:

estelle chemouny

Photo: Courtesy of Estelle Chemouny

“After spending months at home in my crocs and tracksuit, I could not let a spring day go by without rocking a bare leg and wearing my new favorite Fendi boots! I'm not really a dress person, but I do wear a lot of men's shirts as dresses. I love this button-down shirt because I can wear it many ways. It's reversible, and I can wear it as a jacket or even as a simple shirt. This outfit is very me—it's men's clothes worn in a very feminine way. The yellow heeled boots make it a little sexy, yet still casual."

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Do you have an outfit formula or preferred style?

“I love anything with a good print or colors, and everything has to be oversize! I think people who follow me already know that. I don't really have a specific style, but I tend to be very inspired by the '70s and early '80s. People had fun with fashion back then and used their clothes to express their personalities. I love a good men's silhouette with a feminine touch."

Day 2:

estelle chemouny

Photo: Courtesy of Estelle Chemouny

“I love prints and colors, and this look has it all. The Tokyo James jacket and Kenneth Ize trousers are from my store, and I’ve been wearing them a lot. I love to invest in statement pieces that I can wear over and over without getting tired of them. I usually go for one statement item per ensemble, but for this look I decided to go for two, because why not? I don’t really think when I dress up; I pick items I love and see if they go together. And because it was not colorful enough for me, I added the Fendi yellow basket, which is my new IT bag!”

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Josh Fringed Trousers

Kenneth Ize

Predictions for what fashion will look like post-pandemic? Or at least how you will dress?

“I think people will buy less, but better! They will invest more and avoid buying very trendy items that you get bored of too quickly. I've always invested in timeless and vintage pieces. During the first lockdown, I bought myself a vintage Kelly from the '70s, and I wear it almost every day! Things I can wear today and in 10 years—that's why I opened my store in Paris. I'm only selling up-and-coming designers that make the most amazing statement pieces!"

Day 3:

estelle chemouny

Photo: Courtesy of Estelle Chemouny

“2020 has been the year of the tracksuit, and this lace one is simply a must-have! I love wearing track pants but not as track pants, which is why I added the tweed jacket and the tiny CHANEL bag. I never wear track pants with sport shoes; I pair them instead with loafers or boots like the vintage cowboy boots I'm wearing. The cap is simply because I hadn't washed my hair that day, but in the end, it made the outfit look even cooler! This is how I dress almost every day to work at my store—easy and comfortable. I'm the best publicity for my store. When people see something on me, they are like, 'OK, that's actually wearable.'"

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Tweed Jacket

Cool TM

Cotton Chino Baseball Cap

Polo Ralph Lauren


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