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11 Black-Owned Spiritual Shops to Raise Your Vibe

No negative energy here.

11 Black-Owned Spiritual Shops to Raise Your Vibe
Photo: Courtesy of Heritage Apothecary

It would be a disservice (and just plain incorrect) to describe spiritual shops as trendy. Long before we were all enchanted via endless scrolls on #WitchTok, crystals, tarot cards, candles have been around for centuries. Today, the shops where you’d typically come across these finds bridge the gap between longstanding spiritual practices and the internet era. Whether you’re in search of deeper understanding or just an uplifting vibe, there’s much to be gained from browsing around a witchy, spiritual shop online or IRL.

You can come across occult basics at more mainstream retailers like Barnes & Noble, which keeps tarot cards in stock, and Urban Outfitters, where you can pick up an ouija board. But in the name of supporting small businesses, we're looking to the Black-owned brands touting everything a budding witch, an astrology enthusiast, or a seasoned practitioner could ever need in their kit.

Another reason to opt for these small businesses? The shop owner might just personally bless your order with all the best intentions. Even for those just beginning their spiritual journey or simply looking to dabble in some dazzling crystal decor, we're sure you'll resonate with the magic found in the brands below, including some with a special cosign from pros in this plane and beyond.

The Wild Muse Oracle Deck & Guidebook

Beau Life Switzerland is a crystal and metaphysical shop owned by tarot reader Vanessa Somuayina. Along with a huge selection of natural crystals, crystal and zodiac jewelry, and crystal beauty tools, she recently released her third tarot deck, The Wild Muse Oracle Deck, which comes with a tailored guidebook. The deck also arrives with a crystal ball, a seven-piece crystal chakra set, and an amethyst crystal, which is said to relieve stress and anxiety.


Capricorn Moon Herbal Tea

Another shop owned by a tarot card reader, FourTEAfour offers herbal teas, oils, bath soaks, and sprays. Each product is made with specific intentions, like her collection of Zodiac Moon Teas. These blends combine the best herbs to work with during the full moon in each zodiac sign. B explains the energies of each full moon on her YouTube channel and how to best work with the suggested herbs.

Four Tea Four

Uncrossing Bath

Conjure Cleaning is run by James Stewart, a North Carolina-based tarot reader who offers in-home spiritual cleansing sessions to transform the vibe of a space. His Etsy shop helps you take a targeted approach to cleansing energies and this Uncrossing Bath comes highly recommended from astrologist and author Mecca Woods.

Conjure Cleaning

Signature Smoke Cleansing Kit

Heritage Apothecary is not short on spiritual tools. Herbal smudging bundles, charging bowls, crystals, incense, cleansing mist, palo santo—the list goes on. But what really shines in the shop is their kits. Sometimes having too much to choose from can be a little overwhelming, which is why ready-to-go kits like the Signature Smoke Cleansing Kit are a much-appreciated addition.

Heritage Apothecary

Good Fortune Money  Employment

Lala Inuti Ahari is a world-renowned Vodou divinity specialist, spiritual coach, and healer. Her signature Conjure Candles are a fan favorite for their reported rapid and powerful results. The self-proclaimed largest spiritual candle company in the world also offers Spelled Candles, which are pre-spelled with the labeled intention.

The Conjure

Celestite Druzy

Peach and Pixie's line doesn't stop at their mesmerizing, ethically-sourced crystal collection. Crystal jewelry, pendulums, smudge sticks, and a unique collection of Dream Pillows can also be found at this apothecary.

Peach and Pixie

Astrology Planner

Alina Brown, or Alina Alive on YouTube, shares holistic wellness knowledge, full and new-moon meditations, and tarot readings on her channel. Her Auralign Planner is a 200-page astrology planner filled with rituals, goal tracking, and guides. She also sells the Everyday Abundance Guided Meditation Album, with eight goal-oriented guided meditations and a PDF guide with writing prompts.

$44 $5

Alpha Crown Gold 5.0 (High IQ Blend)

Astro5D specializes in handmade healing herbs, smoke blends, teas, incense, and essences. The specialty blends promote overall wellness with specific combinations curated for areas like anxiety and depression management, lucid dreaming, total-body detoxing, and sexual health. The Alpha Crown combination of herbs and mushrooms encourages overall brain power, focus, and memory with brain-loving ingredients like ashwagandha, ginko biloba, and lion's mane. Plus, all capsules are vegetarian.


Self-Love/Relationship Custom Fixed Candle

Shontel Anestasia is a spiritual teacher and practitioner of Cuban Santeriá and a "bruja de Nacimiento" meaning a natural witch or born witch. Her Caribbean spiritual shop honors the Orishas of Yoruba religion and joins science and spirituality with a fusion of African spirituality, Ayurveda medicine, and astrology. The shop offerings include intention-set perfume oils and ritual baths, but what really sets her store apart are the custom candles. Customers are prompted to provide their full name and birthdate for Shontel to better attune to their energy while making their candle. Plus, there's an extra-strength option for even better results.

The Urban Gurvi Mama Oshun's

Money Draw Spiritual Water

Soulful Vibes Co. is co-owned by wives TJ—a healer, teacher, and artist—and Sunny Brooks—a reiki master teacher, crystal healer, herbalist, and aromatherapist. With an enormous list of product offerings, Soulful Vibes Co. is essentially a one-stop shop for all things spiritual. The bases are covered with a variety of crystals, candles, herbs, salts, jewelry, incense, and oils, but extend to the educational realm with spiritual masterclasses, guides, and courses.

Soulful Vibes Co.

10 Stone Chakra Healing Bundle

Chakra Zulu's mission is to share the power of crystal healing through their unique selection of crystal specimens, jewelry, aromatherapy, candles, herbs, and singing bowls with a curated assortment of crystal sets for chakra healing and each zodiac sign. The 10 Stone Chakra Healing Bundle includes ten crystals correlating to the chakras, a white sage smudging stick, and a cleansing selenite wand.

Chakra Zulu

Digestive Bitters

Harlem Roots was founded by Harvard graduate and herbalist Corrina Wainwright. Each of her formulas are designed as an ode to ancestral healing modalities, including her gut-restoring Digestive Bitters, which Woods says "literally saved my life this past year when I was suffering from stress-induced digestive issues."

Harlem Roots
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