Everything We’re Adding to Our Amazon Carts Right Now

An all-encompassing list of everything we're expecting to arrive in two business days.

It's 2021, and we can't deny the convenience and scope of products that come with shopping at Amazon. It's just too easy—you can shop for anything with the click of literally one single "buy now" button, and when it comes to beauty, fashion, and home products that we need in a pinch (or just can't wait for), we have no choice but to turn to Amazon and wait for the Prime fairy to deliver. From the must-have blue-light glasses that we compare and contrast in our team Zoom meetings, to the buzzy new collagen blend that everybody's talking about, to the perfect pair of essential white sneakers, here are all the things that we're adding to our Amazon carts right now.

Collagen Beauty Greens

Vital Proteins
$55 $50


Gray Malin

Hair Refresher


Ultimate Shadow

Nyx Professional Makeup
$18 $11

Milk Thistle

Natural Wellness
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