Whip Up This Delicious Winter Beverage & Thank Us Later

Courtesy of chef Jean Georges and Surf Lodge founder Jayma Cardoso.

jean georges

Rather than relegate festive cocktails and themed drinks to the warmer months, we consulted legendary chef Jean Georges and Surf Lodge founder Jayma Cardoso, who have been working on something special for the winter next season in Aspen—a saffron golden milk toddy. They’re inspiring us to bring the après ski vibe right to our home—bonus, it’s alcohol-optional. Cheers!

Saffron Golden Milk Toddy

jean georgesPhoto: Courtesy of Jean Georges and Jayma Cardoso


4,950 g Oatley or Pacific Oat milk (5 x 32 oz carton)
5 vanilla beans, split
70 g cinnamon stick (15 sticks)
15 g cardamom pods (150 whole pods)
1.5 g Rumi Afghan saffron
8.5 g turmeric powder
7.5 g black peppercorns (50 whole peppercorns)
250 g honey


1. Place all in a small pot and whisk together.

2. Using a barista wand or a stovetop, bring to a simmer/220 degrees Fahrenheit and turn off, immediately covering.

3. Let steep for 1530 minutes, then strain through fine mesh and chill immediately.

4. Reserve for later use. Yields about 6.25 quarts.

To Serve


8.5 oz saffron golden milk
0.5 oz Due North Rum
0.5 oz Amaro Nonino
0.5 oz ginger snap liquor


1. Add Due North Rum, Amaro Nonino, and ginger snap liquor to a warmed coffee mug.

2. Measure out precisely 8.5 oz of chilled golden milk and heat to 140° Fahrenheit, creating 1"1.5" dense foam.

3. Pour golden milk gently into the warmed coffee mug.

4. Garnish with a scraped vanilla bean set on the guest’s side of the handle.

Photos: Courtesy of Jean Georges and Jayma Cardoso

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