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25 Local Decor & Gift Shops to Support Across the US

From one-of-a-kind artisanal designs to rare vintage gems.

By: Laura Lajiness

Shopping locally is more important than ever. Yes, as economic uncertainty looms through the end of 2020 and beyond, it’s stressful to spend money on anything other than essentials. At the same time, everyone deserves a pick-me-up, whether as a mid-week treat for yourself or a gift for the loved ones in your life—the holidays are just around the corner.

Rather than view certain purchases as inconsequential, think of it this way: Buying from a local business goes a long way not only for the shop owners and employees, but the artisans, too. It’s an incredibly meaningful and impactful route to support their livelihood at any point in time, but especially now. So why not take such a road when sourcing new pieces for your abode or shopping for a gift? A thoughtfully decorated home is key when you’re both living and working in it. It also doesn’t hurt to be known as an expert at scouting distinctive pieces, whether for your own space or as an exceptional gift.

There’s plenty to shop locally, from food to fashion, but home decor and gifts are two categories that are top of mind lately. The chicest spaces are always adorned with interesting pieces, from whimsical objects to rare accents and elegant furniture. Collected items such as these, be they artisanally crafted or representative of a city’s scene, always make for great conversation. Although you’d usually discover them on a trip somewhere new, with most getaways on hold, locally sourced goods are a way in which you can scout new artists and rare treasures you might not otherwise uncover. Consider it a way to satiate your travel thirst while simultaneously supporting local communities and enhancing your space.

To discover distinctive home decor pieces and gifts from beloved and off-the-beaten-path stores around the US, keep scrolling for an edit that includes well-loved labels, unexpectedly quirky finds, and handcrafted works from regional artists. Of course each piece is incredibly stylish, but many are sustainable, too, from upcycled, eco-friendly, and vegan-made products to one-of-a-kind vintage treasures.

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