5 Whimsical Eye Looks to Try Before Fall Arrives

We’ve got all the makeup inspiration you need.

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Slowly but surely we’re opening up our drawers and checking to see if our makeup skills are still intact. Months of quarantine and social distancing have meant that few people—except our trusty delivery people and the occasional Uber Eats driver—have spotted our faces, but with summer coming to a close, we’re itching to dive back into beauty—specifically, colorful eye-centric makeup. Who cares if a mask covers up 50 percent of your face when you’re rocking a neon liner or smoky orange shadow? In a time when so many things feel especially dark and heavy, we could use a bit of a pick-me-up.

So if you’re looking to up your summer makeup game (and forget that cooler days are in our future), allow the five below looks to inspire your next face beat.

Dueling Liners

Makeup artist Delina Medhin is no stranger to a bold eye, and we are living for this green-and-blue combo on her upper and lower lids. If cool tones aren’t your thing, don’t be afraid of changing up the color combo—like hot pink and burnt orange. Use a gel or pencil liner on both the top and bottom lash and water line for an eye-catching look with minimal blending.

Graphic Linework

Graphic eyeliner has been all the rage this summer, and nobody does it better than Soreya. Follow her lead and treat your eyes like a canvas awaiting its masterpiece. We can’t get enough of these white-hot flames with a pop of electric orange on the wing. Plus the subtle shading that goes all the way up to the brow bone. Don’t be afraid to test your skills with your favorite wet liner. Just keep a cotton bud dipped in micellar water close by for any smudges.

Patrick Starr Visionary Eyeshadow Palette

ONE/SIZE by Patrick Starrr

Brows Are Fair Game, Too

There’s no reason to limit your favorite liners or palettes to just your eyes—your brows are ready and waiting to be painted as well. This color-pop striped brow shadow from makeup artist Tanya Voronova is sure to surprise and delight anyone you meet. If your brows are on the darker side, prep them for a color cosmetic by using your favorite foundation or concealer—that will help the shadow or liner stand out and stay longer. Bonus points for setting it with your favorite spray for extra hours of wear.

Joshua Tree Palette

Aether Beauty

Smudge Shadow FTW

Feeling a tad intimidated by bright shadows and liners? A softly smudged powder creates a gorgeous wash of color across the lid and is perfect for anyone who is new to this style of makeup. Pick your preferred shade and use a small, fluffy brush to buff the powder onto your upper and lower lids, blending out for a soft line at the edges. Less is more here—you can always go back and add more product after your first pass. Makeup artist Tasha Reiko Brown created this version, which we will definitely be trying before the summer ends.

Shadow Clouds

We’re dubbing this trend of elongated eyeshadow (that’s going up further on the face, rather than extended out just on the sides) as “shadow clouds.” Again, when you can only see a small portion of your face with a mask on, why not embrace all the canvas that’s available? Makeup artist Olivia Barad has us swooning with this ethereal blue-and-pink look, which focuses on the gorgeous colors and leaves the lashes and brows bare. You can use either a creamy formula and blend out with your fingers or employ your trusty shadow brush for a perfect feathery effect.



Cult For Ever Brush Set

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