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7 Coveteur Staffers Share What They’re Buying to Update Their Homes

We’re talking practical and decorative finds.

decorative home updates
When we polled friends of Coveteur to see how their shopping habits had changed these past few months, we found that many people were diverting their dollars typically spent on fashion to home decor. And, well, it makes a lot of sense when you put it into the context of our current lifestyles—for those who can work from home, not only are we getting dressed up much less, were spending way more time than usual in our homes. So of course we want to spiff it up where we can. Below are all of the items our staffers are buying, of both the practical and decorative nature, to add a little more intrigue to their homes.

Jessica Teves, Head of Content

Forme Life Full Studio

The FORME Life studio is one of the things I’m most excited about—it does double duty as a chic and elegant mirror (designed by Yves Béhar) and also functions as one of the most engaging and motivating home fitness tools. It has a wide range of classes suited for my mood and energy level, and since it’s so sleek, it’s going to be perfect in my living room. I honestly don’t know if I’ll ever return to a gym after this! *Sponsored


Rigaud Paris Cyprès Candle

I can’t say enough about this heavenly smelling candle—I’ve had them in my apartments and homes for years, and they truly are the best. The scent is rich and vibrant, and the simplicity of the design feels like an elegant accoutrement to any tabletop or coffee table.


Christofle Vertigo Small 3-Part Silver Appetizer Dish

All snacks look so much chicer in a silver bowl (it’s a fact). I love this three-part dish from Christofle for its functional design and ability to give my entire family a nosh of choice (read: nuts, chips, crackers, etc). Total win!


Halle Lagatta, Associate Creative Producer

Merry Farm Pottery Bud Vase

I’m a stan for handmade pottery, because the truth is I’m a failed ceramic artist myself. Despite many attempts at mastering the wheel, my fingers are far too clumsy and my wrists too weak. Whenever I see a beautiful ceramic piece, my jealousy subsides and I calculate the fastest track to obtaining it. That “gotta have it” feeling was overwhelming when I visited the Merry Farm Pottery studio in Martha’s Vineyard last week. I walked away with two beautiful Bud Vases, and I cannot wait to visit again to see what else they’ve cooked up in the kiln.


CB2 Vida Resin Bookend

As I make small attempts to add color to my apartment, adding this bright pink cube to my bookshelf feels like a victory. As a chronic overthinker, coming across these bookends simply made me happy! I love the shape, the color, and will have fun mixing and matching them with other oddly shaped things currently in my online cart.


Anthropologie Flatwoven Augusta Rug

Filed under: adding color to my apartment (see above). I am so excited to see this rug splayed out under a mid-century modern dining table I inherited from my grandparents. I know the pinks and yellows will make the mahogany table and black leather chairs pop in the perfect you-have-to-see-it-to-believe-it kind of way.


Olivia Kenney, Creative Producer & Social Media Manager

July Air Conditioner

Somehow, someway, I have made it seven years in New York with no AC. Partly because after the first year it felt like a race to be the most Parisian I possibly could, and partly because—air conditioners are just ugly?! Lo and behold, the window unit got a massive face-lift (it was about time!). This customizable and super-modern AC can cool a room in no time, and it’s a no-fuss install! 11/10 would recommend ditching your old unit and swapping it out for the August, or joining team AC late like me!


CB2 Braided Jute Large Pouf

Poufs are another one of those items you never thought you would need enough to buy. These simple braided circles make for a cozy extra seat out on my patio or even as a footrest inside near the couch. It was the perfect little upgrade to add seating without introducing any large piece of furniture.


Aimé Leon Dore Unisphere Ashtray

Ashtrays have made some serious improvements over time. On top of the fact that I am a big fan of tchotchkes of all varieties—I have become a collector of ashtrays as I find them to be the perfect centerpiece next to a few good coffee-table books in any room. This one in particular is larger than your average, making it a real statement piece!


Camille Freestone, Writer

Tangkula 5-Tier Wood Leaning Shelf

If your bedroom is as small as mine (NYC residents will understand), you’ll know that storage is hard to come by. As I can only fit so much under my bed...this bookshelf is perfect since it takes up a lot of vertical space but not much horizontal space.


Vintage Mirrored Tray

I’ve been obsessed with finding the perfect vintage tray for my dresser. Not only are they pretty as a standalone item, they work as a display for other eye-catching objects—jewelry, candles, etc. Etsy has a ton of supersweet options that you can’t get anywhere else.

Oka Small Zabiya Decorative Vase

Having fresh flowers around the house has an astronomical effect on my mood. There’s something about the appearance mixed with the smell that is so appealing. This modern blue vase provides an interesting contrast to a feminine flower. Plus, it can stand alone without a flower, as well.


Hannah Baxter, Senior Beauty Editor

KJP Linen Screen Printed Twisted Checkerboard Pillows

I have a pillow problem. Seriously, my Brooklyn apartment is bursting with different styles because I simply can’t control myself when I see a new one that I love. This optical-illusion checkered baby belongs on my couch, plain and simple.


Dyson Pure Humidify + Cool

Consider me an official adult, because I now own the fanciest humidifier and air purifier on the market. If you’re cooking up a storm lately, it’s a must for keeping your space free from odor (and occasional smoke), and my indoor plants and my skin equally appreciate the extra humidity. Bonus: It’s also completely silent.


Malin + Goetz Cannabis Supercandle

I’m one of those people who has to have a candle burning constantly. It brings me a sense of zen—plus, they smell delicious. If you want the scent to really fill up your space, I suggest getting a multi-wick style. This earthy bergamot, sandalwood, black pepper, and orange blend is absolute heaven, no matter the season.


Rachel Pickus, Creative Associate

Yew Yew Half Circle Ashtray

Since our (slime-green!) collaboration, cannabis brand Yew Yew has expanded their line of ceramic pipes to include sleek half-circle ashtrays. Their simple yet functional design is enough to make any minimalist happy, with serene colors that are complementary to any home. And even if you’re not a minimalist (guilty!), one of these will be the perfect addition to your coffee table’s chaotic assortment of objects.


Urban Outfitters Ansel Table Lamp

In my most recent internet spiral, I spent hours online looking at vintage Murano glass mushroom lamps. While they’re not exactly budget-friendly, I’ve become smitten for their sleek, funky shape. Which hopefully will indicate my level of excitement when I discovered this affordable version from Urban. Now the dilemma is what color to choose…


Tyler Mitchell I Can Make You Feel Good

Back in pre-pandemic times, I had the pleasure of viewing Tyler Mitchell’s solo exhibition “I Can Make You Feel Good” at the ICP. I left feeling moved by the powerful messaging and whimsical experience of viewing his photos in person. Since then, the wildly talented photographer released his first book, commemorating his body of work over the past few years. As someone whose love language is most definitely photo books, I can’t wait to add a copy to my bookshelf.


Jacquelyn Greenfield, Editorial Production Fellow

Aaronya Paints Ascension

I painted my room about two years ago, and for some reason I haven’t put up any photos—my college degree is still sitting in its frame on the floor. Since it’s been long overdue to hang things, this print will be the first to go up. I’ve been following this artist for quite some time now, and I think it’s great to see our culture represented in art.


The Container Store Large Drop-front Shoe Box Case of 6

I’d be lying if I said I haven’t bought sneakers during this time. With nowhere to go, my sneakers have been piling up in their boxes with no more space on my shoe rack. I think it’s time to invest in these shoe boxes—the perfect way to store and display my favorite kicks.


Hey Dewy Portable Facial Humidifier

Since going back home to Florida, my allergies have been insane. Knowing that I’m not going to stay here forever, I wanted a humidifier that I can take back to NYC when I’m ready. This one is perfect for the size of my small nightstand and even has a built-in night light.

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