summer entertaining

The Ultimate Summer Entertaining Guide

Everything you need to plan the perfect summer soirée.

By: Monica Mendal

Hosting outdoor gatherings is among the many activities we look forward to during these too-short but very sweet summer months. While the invite list may be smaller than years past, that doesn’t mean they have to be any less glamorous. Regardless of the party size, being the perfect host means mastering these four things: a dreamy tablescape, seasonal florals, flowing drinks, and good music. From colorful table settings, to a perfect playlist, to always having your guests’ glasses full, ahead we map out what you need in order to plan the perfect summer soirée.



The secret to setting the perfect summer table is infusing color and mixed prints wherever possible—from ceramics to glassware to table linens. Then, adding subtle summery details like gingham, seashells, and raffia will bring the summer warmth full circle.


A good host is always prepared with a wide assortment of beverage options—from tequila to aguardiente, to coffee and tea for the non-drinkers. Ghia, a spirits-free aperitif, also just launched this month in time for summer parties. Mix it with ice and seltzer—no booze required!


Top your tablescape with fresh summer flowers (or dried flowers!) inside colorful, graphic vases. We love an eclectic mix of vases in different patterns, shapes, and textures for an authentic, homey feel.