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18 Pairs of Pants to Shop When You’re Tired of Sweats

Shop our elevated loungewear favorites.

By: Camille Freestone

Is anyone else tired of sweatpants? At first, we relished in the sweetness of ditching stuffy slacks and structured denim for our favorite pair of sweats, but that honeymoon period is coming to an end. Despite the fact that they hide safely below the table during a Zoom conference, the ratty old sweats are no longer cutting it. We’re not saying you need to be so bold as to wear jeans, but there are so many other options for elevated loungewear trousers. It’s 2020, and comfort and fashion are no longer mutually exclusive, as luxury brands have found ways to hide tabooed features like elastic waists and stretch fabric in their elegant designs. Below, we’ve rounded up our favorite pants that are comfortable, soft, and très chic.

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