cookbooks for quarantine

The Best Cookbooks to Shop Right Now

From NYC restaurants, fashion designers, and more.

By: Camille Freestone

It’s no revelation that many of us are spending more time cooking than usual. In times of trouble, it’s soothing to do something with your hands. The proof is on Instagram, where we’re guessing your feed is diluted with sourdough starters, homemade ramen, and loaves upon loaves of banana bread. You might even be feeling like youre spending a little too much time in the kitchen. If you are starting to experience recipe burnout, we thought a new cookbook could give you a newfound zest.

We put our own spin on this list to make each of the recipes a little more personal. At the intersection of fashion and cuisine, designers like Zac Posen and Phillip Lim have released cookbooks; $10 of each sale of Lim’s digital cookbook will benefit City Harvest. We’ve included some cookbooks from our favorite NYC restaurants so you can have a little taste of their cuisine in your own kitchen. And we’ve listed one (Serving New York) that crowdsourced recipes from NYC’s favorite chefs, the proceeds of which all go to restaurant relief. Continue scrolling for a look at some of our very favorite cookbooks to diversify your palate.

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