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Working from Home with Susan Alexandra

Her homemade coffee isn’t quite there yet, but she’s welcoming the change of pace.

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As many adjust to working from home—Team Coveteur included—tips on how to stay focused and motivated are more welcome than ever (as are snack and music recommendations). Each week we’re checking in with friends to see how they approach working from home. Today, we’re chatting with fashion stylist Susan Alexandra. 

Do you work in silence, or do you like to have music on in the background?

Susan Alexandra: “I have a very strict rule about music that plays while I’m working. Minimal words, but they can’t be in English or I will accidentally type them. I have a home playlist that I think is pretty gorgeous.”

Do you take breaks throughout the day, or grind straight through?

SA: “Many, many breaks. My new rule is that I don’t have to whittle down my inbox in one sitting or in one day. I am trying to deeply rest and recuperate from the insane constant grind that I’ve been accustomed to. I’m listening to what my body needs. If I need a break, I take one. Simple, right?”

Are you incorporating movement into your daily routine?

SA: “I’ve been working out every day, or at least trying to. I’ve loved Sky Ting live and dancing with Ryan Heffington on Instagram Live. I miss my Pilates reformer classes, but that is about all I miss from my standard routine.”

Coffee, tea, or neither? How do you drink your coffee or tea?

SA: “Coffee. I just had a chat with my friend today about my coffee situation. First of all, I’ve already saved so much money from not constantly buying coffee out (a habit that is destructive not just to my bank account, but to my teeth and the environment!). I start my day off with a French-press coffee using beans from Mud. I just haven’t been in love with the results. Is it the French press? Should I try a different machine? Can someone recommend how I can have optimal at-home coffee? I’ll do a splash of hazelnut milk.”

Lunch break, or snack all day?

SA: “A true shock is that I’ve not been snacking, but instead eating more extensive meals. For example, lunch and dinner now involve appetizers and desserts.”


What is your daily routine like?

SA: “I’ve been setting my alarm for 8:30 AM, which is an hour later than my normal wake-up. I pet my dog for 30 minutes and then make coffee. I make sure to change out of my pajamas and make my bed, and then I dive into work. Either emails or a creative project, or depending on the day, an online workout.”

What do you miss most about going into the office?

SA: “Literally nothing. Not one thing.”

What does your video conference wardrobe look like?

SA: “With friends, literally anything. With coworkers or press, something presentable on top and sweatpants on the bottom.”

Who is your entrepreneurial inspiration?

SA: “My mom! She is the most dedicated, hardest-working person I know. She is an empathetic, wise, and inspiring leader. She runs a social enterprise which is dedicated to creating jobs for people who reside in economically depressed areas and people who are homebound due to physical and emotional trauma. She loves what she does, and she loves helping people. She currently has over 1,000 employees!”

What are you reading right now?

SA: “Catching up on old New Yorkers!”

How do you unwind at the end of the day?

SA: “My entire day is spent unwinding, but before bed I will watch all the shows and movies that have subtitles that wholly require my attention. Currently loving My Brilliant Friend on HBO.”

How do you foresee this period of time impacting your industry?

SA: “I think we all sense a shift is upon us, and if you have a pulse, you recognize that this is so necessary. Short-term, the fashion week schedule and market schedule will be drastically different; long-term, small, independently owned businesses will prevail, and destructive fashion practices (fast fashion, overproduction, six sale seasons) will wither away.”

Inspirational mantra that’s helping you during this time?

SA: “Be gentle, we’re all in this together.”

What products are you relying on now?  

SA: “My Lou and Grey pajama sets, Kate Posch yoga, Ivy Weinglass dishes, Janie Korn candles. Im also making meals for charity.”

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