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9 Scents That Remind Us of the Great Outdoors

From a Caribbean beach to a Moroccan adventure, find your much-needed vacation in a bottle.

As we slowly come to accept our new normal from inside our homes, we’re doing everything we can to find small pockets of joy throughout the day. Whether that’s a 20-minute restorative yoga session, a hydrating face mask, or even a hearty bowl of pasta in the afternoon—whatever calms the nerves and makes us feel a little more at ease. And since we’re not able to spend much time outside for the foreseeable future, we’re turning to fragrance to help us reminisce about parks, beaches, and other outdoors-y locales from the safety of our homes. That’s the power of scent—it can transport you with just a few spritzes. From a field of wildflowers to a seaside escape, these are the nine fragrances we’re wearing to remind us of the great outdoors.

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Heretic Dirty Grass with CBD, $185

That fresh-cut-grass smell is one of our favorite scents of the summer. Pair that with calming CBD oil, plus a soothing honey dry-down, and you have a functional fragrance that is sure to calm your mind and transport you to brighter, more relaxing days ahead.
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