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An Extensive Breakdown of All the Sneakers at the Grammys

C/o Stadium Goods’ Fresco Wilson.

While we’re constantly covering the best fashion and beauty of the awards season—simultaneously igniting our Slack channels with mile-a-minute opinions—one thing we don’t always talk about (but should) are the sneakers. So last night, at the 62nd annual Grammys red carpet, we tapped Fresco Wilson, Stadium Goods’ global brand ambassador and unboxing extraordinaire, to give us a breakdown of all the kicks that graced the carpet. Ahead, the best of the best.

Billie Eilish in Gucci
“One of my favorite sneaker connoisseurs, who is also my Complex ‘Sneaker Shopping’ homie, never disappoints with her sneaker choices. Her fit definitely takes us through the matrix with high levels of Gucci Drip from head to toe. For the feet, she went with the Gucci Flash Trek. The chunky silhouette gives Billie some height and features the same green accents that run through the full fit.”
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