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An Extensive Breakdown of All the Sneakers at the Grammys

C/o Stadium Goods’ Fresco Wilson.

By: Jodi Taylor

While we’re constantly covering the best fashion and beauty of the awards season—simultaneously igniting our Slack channels with mile-a-minute opinions—one thing we don’t always talk about (but should) are the sneakers. So last night, at the 62nd annual Grammys red carpet, we tapped Fresco Wilson, Stadium Goods’ global brand ambassador and unboxing extraordinaire, to give us a breakdown of all the kicks that graced the carpet. Ahead, the best of the best.


Billie Eilish in Gucci

“One of my favorite sneaker connoisseurs, who is also my Complex ‘Sneaker Shopping’ homie, never disappoints with her sneaker choices. Her fit definitely takes us through the matrix with high levels of Gucci Drip from head to toe. For the feet, she went with the Gucci Flash Trek. The chunky silhouette gives Billie some height and features the same green accents that run through the full fit.”

Photo: Getty

Anderson Paak’s son Soul Rasheed in Gucci

“Very clean aesthetics capped off by Junior, who matched Dad’s fly stepping out with Gucci on the feet. The cream-colored Moccasin was a great finisher to Paak’s three-piece suit.”

Photo: Getty

Questlove in Nike

“Quest has been providing sonic vibrations for years. Highly respected in the sneaker world, he stepped out in the ever-so-classic Nike Air Max 1 Atmos Animal Pack 2.0. The musical beast used his animal instincts with this amazing fit.”

Photo: Getty

Robert Kraft in Nike

“The billionaire New England Patriots owner who is known for his love for Air Force 1s does not disappoint on the red carpet with what looks like a new version of the sleeper classic Flyknit Air Force 1. Finished off by the 3M reflective Swoosh, another subtle sneaker flex from Mr. Kraft.”

Photo: Getty

Lucky Daye in Alexander McQueen

“The new ecosystem of R&B features a shining star in the New Orleans native Lucky Daye. The shimmer of his mint-green suit was fitted with the Alexander McQueen oversized sneakers. I’m calling this pair the ‘Silver Surfer Oversized McQueen.’”

Photo: Getty

Charlie Wilson in Louis Vuitton

“I like to call him ‘Uncle Charlie Wilson,’ as we share the same last name, but no relation! He hit the red carpet with some red bottoms. The high-top Louis Oralto [silhouette] from Louboutin has lost some steam since its introduction, but is the perfect fit for Mr. Wilson’s black-[and]-gold blazer.”

Photo: Getty

DJ Khaled in Jordan

“‘Still In a Meeting’—with the red carpet, that is. DJ Khaled, the Jordan brand representative, broke out a new pair with the soon-to-be-released Reverse Bred 1 ’85. The Jordan 1 can be dressed up or down and can be flexed on any occasion from street to red carpet.”

Photo: Getty

Calmatic in Reebok

“The director of the 2020 Grammy Award–winning Best Video ‘Old Town Road’ by Lil Nas X kept it very classy and very cozy on the red carpet with the Reebok Classic. No hype here at all, but I’m gonna call this sneaker choice the ‘4C’: Calmatic, clean, calm, comfortable!”

Photo: Getty

Bill Kaulitz in Balenciaga

“Billy has been seen as someone who wears what he wants, how he wants it. The high-fashion sneakerhead stepped out in the Balenciaga track sneaker that complemented not only his full black fit, but most importantly, his hair.”

Photo: Getty

Cage the Elephant’s Jared Champion in Nike

“The winners of the Best Rock Album, Cage the Elephant, stepped out in their Sunday best footwear choices. From the slip-ons to hard bottoms, but the best out of the group has to be the Air Force 1 rocked by lead drummer Jared Champion. The gradient color shift of his hair works great with this multicolor Air Force 1.”

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