5 Ways to Actually Make Resolutions Stick

It’s about that time where resolve starts to wane. Here’s how to see your resolutions through.

ways to make resolutions stick
As told to Coveteur by the founders of Sakara Life... 

The beginning of the year is insanely charged—love, optimism, hope, and passion circulate so intensely you can’t help but get swept up in it. This is where new year’s resolutions are born: in a sea of promise and possibility, fueled with so much commitment to making THIS YEAR THE YEAR THAT IT FINALLY STICKS. But then, like clockwork, you find yourself weeks into holiday indulgences, not quite squeezing into your jeans like before, traveling, existing off too little sleep (which you swore you would stop doing!), getting back to work, and “my god, the gym is so damn full at the beginning of the year, what’s the point in even trying?”

It’s easy for the resolve to start to wane, and before you know it you’re starting your day with excuses rather than gym sessions and pretty quickly finding yourself thinking next year…next year will be the year.

We’ve been there. We have years of experience of throwing resolutions out the window, along with our willpower, strength, and sadly, little pieces of our sense of self-worth. But the good news is, it so does NOT have to be this way. You can set resolutions, keep them, and kick 2019’s butt in a way that is effortless, balanced, fun, and doesn’t require saying NO to happy hour week after week as you sip on your fifth green juice of the day. We’re here to show you the light... Get ready for a delicious ride.


1. Be honest about why you want to change

“Every resolution that you have ever set has been rooted in a desire to bring something into your life that your subconscious currently is lacking. It’s usually a feeling, whether it be more confidence, increased energy, deeper connections, greater LOVE, a more inherent sense of POWER, or all of the above. Believe it or not, your subconscious could care less if you are a size 2, but it certainly is going to have something to say if you are not feeling as good as you deserve to feel! Once you are able to recognize that root desire that you are craving, create a list of the various ways you can scratch that itch, so to speak. If you have connected to a desire to feel good in your body, don’t shrink that goal into working out every day. Focus on eating better, drinking plenty of water, sleeping more, taking more you time, maybe playing around with more meditation, and yes, moving regularly. Don’t keep track of how many gym sessions you can check off your list; keep track of how you feel. This prevents you from putting all your eggs in one unrealistically teeny, tiny basket, so that the first morning you hit your snooze button, you don’t feel like a complete and utter failure.”

2. Start the transformation in your mind

“If you want a ripped, lean, athletic body, be an athlete. Don’t say to yourself, ‘I want to work out more, get fit, be stronger.’ Say I am fit, I am strong, I am sexy! Think like the person you want to be, and act like the person you want to be. Create the world that sets you up for utter success by starting your journey with your mind. The thoughts you think about who you are right this second create all your future experiences, so be the you of the future in order to start manifesting her now! She’s pretty stunningly impressive, if you ask us.”

3. Make it a ritual, not a resolution

“To make a true change, it must become part of who you are—not just something you do from time to time. When you start to view the change as a ritual, rather than a resolution, you make that habit a part of your life, and it slowly starts to engrain itself into your being. Not only do rituals actually stick around in the long run, but they become a very nourishing, special part of your life that you can then look to whenever you’re needing a little boost. Rituals are meant to feel good, so get excited every time you enter that familiar space. You’re home again—and it feels so good.”

4. Seek support where you can

“We know you want to do it ALL, and to be honest, we know you can do it all, but the truth is—you don’t have to. And you shouldn’t if you want to stay happy, healthy, and, well, have a life (which is essential for staying happy and healthy). So be honest with yourself, cut yourself some slack, and allow the people, services, and things that exist in this world to help you! Seeking support in the places where you can will expedite the process, allow you to achieve more goals at once (everybody likes an overachiever), and bring your journey to places it may not have made it to on its own. We’re talking turning that resolution you made into small potatoes as your creations grow bigger and bigger. Let’s be honest—most resolutions are rooted in a desire to feel better, and we are beyond excited to watch the world start to recognize that it is their inherent birthright to feel sexy in their body! So take a load off, stay a while, and let us help you. We are hosting our first-ever Best Body Challenge this January to help you accomplish your goals, change your life, and feel as as good as you deserve. Do you already feel your resolutions waning? We’ve got just what you need to set them on fire.”

5. Keep going

“There is no wagon for you to fall off, so stop beating yourself [up] for falling off one. (Maybe there’s a party bus, but the second you fall off, you are going to have 10 outstretched hands helping you get back on the dance floor.) Just keep going. The thing about new year’s resolutions is that, contrary to popular belief, they do not have to be completed, signed, sealed, and delivered by the end of January! You have an entire year to make those dreams come true—and beyond. Your resolution when the clock strikes midnight on January first is to get started on your journey. Did you manage to get up early once this week? That’s amazing! You are on your way, forming the habit, and carving those neural pathways into your beautiful brain. Be loving and honest with yourself, recognize the various avenues for you to accomplish your goals, get support where you can, and we know that that resolution is going to be a no-brainer ritual by the end of the year.”

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