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Expert Tips for the Best Curls of Your Life

For waves, curls, and coils, these are the products and tools to achieve the perfect hair day. In collaboration with T3.

By: Hannah Baxter
Styling: Meagan Wilson
Photography: Alec Kugler
Hair: Anike Rabiu
Makeup: Justine Purdue

Ask any girl with a juicy crown of ringlets on her head, and she’ll tell you—having curls is both a blessing and a curse. It’s tough because you can never just roll out of bed without a drop of product or the occasional hot-tool touch-up; but on the other hand, you’re able to experiment with your texture and technique until you resemble a real-life goddess. Think volume, bounce, and no shortage of drama. For all of the issues that can come with it, no one ever said having curls or coils is boring. Every day is different, which means that the world is truly your oyster when it comes to styling your hair.

Learning how to achieve a look that accentuates your natural texture without unfortunate side effects like frizz or flatness can take a bit of time. For some, it’s a few weeks of trial and error when switching to a new routine; for others, it can be years before they’re willing to put down the flat iron or relaxers and embrace the curls they were blessed with since birth. We understand the effort it takes to achieve the healthy hair of your dreams no matter the texture, but especially with a temperamental set of curls, which is why we decided to consult the experts for a few tips and tricks for taming three different types of hair. From 2b to 4b, this is how to help your curls look their best.



2B Waves

Jaclyn admitted that she had rarely, if ever, worn her hair natural, preferring to straighten her thick 2B waves almost daily. While we’re all for a sleek and shiny effect, we wanted to give her the tools and know-how to style her hair sans flat iron, and we have to say, she looks gorgeous as a curly girl. These are the steps that our stylist, Anike Rabiu, recommends for her unique curl pattern.


Apply Oribe Priming Lotion leave-in conditioner to wet hair out of the shower. Use a dime-sized amount to start, and use prayer-shape hands to coat the strands (no scrunching yet).

Flip your hair, and utilize a SoftCurl Diffuser on your T3 Cura LUXE blowdryer until the hair is about 60 percent dry, moving the diffuser upwards towards the scalp to slightly scrunch.

Flip your hair back to right-side up and dry at the roots until it’s about 90 percent dry.

Apply Oribe Curl By Definition Crème, and scrunch the hair at the ends slightly, moving through the hair in sections as if you’re waving goodbye. This will help define the pattern of your curls and waves.

Spray medium sections of hair with Oribe Après Beach Wave and Shine Spray, a cross between a texturizing spray and an oil, for added hold and shine.

To define the curls around your face, use the T3 Whirl Convertible styling wand on low to medium heat, following the direction of the curl pattern for half of the hair, then switching (so the effect is more natural). Hold the hair to the iron for just a few seconds.

Remember, less is more with this curl type, so resist the urge to touch the hair once it is styled.


3B to 3C Curls

Like many curly ladies, Bri has multiple curl patterns in her hair and has learned to utilize a few products and tools (T3 Cura LUXE Dryer and Diffuser, along with a microfiber towel) to help define her texture. Rabiu helped to refine the overall shape to her bob-and-bangs haircut, upping the volume and reducing frizz for a “juicy” everyday look.


Apply Pattern Leave-In Conditioner to wet hair out of the shower. Use a dime-sized amount to start, and use prayer-shaped hands to coat the strands. Add more depending on the thickness of your hair.

If your hair is especially dry, add the Pattern Argan Hair Oil Serum to the leave-in conditioner for added nourishment.

Twist small sections of hair around your fingers in a twirling motion. This will help define the curl shape.

Use the SoftCurl Diffuser on your T3 Cura LUXE blow dryer, starting at the bottom of the hair and lifting up towards the roots to scrunch slightly. Dry until about 90 percent.

Gently separate the curls if there are any sparse areas, fluffing with your fingers to distribute the volume evenly around the head.


4B Coils

Coily hair is the most fragile in the world of textured hair, since it is prone to both shrinkage and dryness when not in a protective style. Chavi has been wearing her natural afro for years and has learned to utilize a cocktail of serums, oils, and creams to keep her hair healthy and happy. Rabiu helped to streamline her process for a soft yet defined look that highlights her gorgeous volume without weighing it down.

Apply Pattern Leave-in Conditioner to wet hair out of the shower. Saturate the hair with the product and scrunch it to work it throughout the hair.

Add Pattern Jojoba Hair Oil Serum on the ends to detangle and fluff.

Shake out the hair at the roots, working in sections to define the individual curls.

To dry hair quickly and stretch, use the T3 Cura LUXE blow dryer on low heat at the highest setting. Run the dryer through the hair, randomly stretching sections of hair that you want elongated.

Use a large hair pick to get in at the roots and shape the section of hair.

Form a cupped hand and gently tap the ends of the hair to help shape without flattening the curls.

Use a small hair pick to help fluff and fill in any sections where there is a gap between the curls.

Spritz the hair with Carol’s Daughter Black Vanilla Moisture & Shine Hair Sheen for extra shine and nourishment.


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