High Times for the Holidays: 35 Gift Ideas for Your Favorite Stoners

The ABCs of THC and CBD presents.

stoner holiday gifts
Once upon a time, you could gift your favorite stoner a bag of weed and call it a day. But CBD has now crept into, oh, just about every product under the sun, and though we know CBD isn’t actually THC, it is THC’s cute, calming cousin, and we are here for it. We may live in New York, where marijuana isn’t quite legal (yet), but we can still suggest plenty of presents that are marijuana-adjacent—and stoner-approved.

Whether it’s a product you can eat, drink, rub all over your body, roll into a spliff, or put in your ear (hello, pot leaf earring!), ahead you’ll find every gift you’d ever want to consider buying for your chillest pals.

The daintiest ashtray of all time, plus she’ll look incredibly chic on your friend’s coffee table even if they aren’t partaking at the moment.
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