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High Times for the Holidays: 35 Gift Ideas for Your Favorite Stoners

The ABCs of THC and CBD presents.

By: Bibi Deitz

Once upon a time, you could gift your favorite stoner a bag of weed and call it a day. But CBD has now crept into, oh, just about every product under the sun, and though we know CBD isn’t actually THC, it is THC’s cute, calming cousin, and we are here for it. We may live in New York, where marijuana isn’t quite legal (yet), but we can still suggest plenty of presents that are marijuana-adjacent—and stoner-approved.

Whether it’s a product you can eat, drink, rub all over your body, roll into a spliff, or put in your ear (hello, pot leaf earring!), ahead you’ll find every gift you’d ever want to consider buying for your chillest pals.


The daintiest ashtray of all time, plus she’ll look incredibly chic on your friend’s coffee table even if they aren’t partaking at the moment.

Pre-rolled organic CBD-rich hemp flower, mixed with peppermint, sage, jasmine blossom, and raspberry leaf, spun into two very aesthetically pleasing spliffs.

It’ll be hard to tell if you’re about to light up or if it’s just someone’s birthday with these matches.

A Vivienne Westwood crystal pot-leaf necklace! Enough said.

Twenty minutes in the bath with this magical mask will help make your skin look significantly brighter. Joint optional.

CBD is coming for the luxury market with this botanical serum. (PSA: Antioxidants in CBD are great for reducing inflammation and are said to help with pesky skin ailments such as wrinkles and acne.)

Rodial’s CBD Sleep Drops mix up some collagen, squalane, purslane, and chamomile in a complexion-smoothing witch’s brew.

Oh my god, you guys, we’ve discovered CBD temple balm. Bye-bye, headaches.

It might be a little pricey, but hey, what’s a thousand dollars amongst friends who give other friends cashmere weed pillows?

A single 14-karat gold marijuana earring. You’ll be known as their most generous, and favorite, friend until the end of time.

Or an itty-bitty Mary Jane stud earring for something a tad more subtle.

For your stoner friend who has roommates: This candle calls itself “the real-deal cannabis odor eliminator, that will keep your high habits under wraps.”

Or if you’d rather complement the smell of weed, rather than mask it…

A very classy stash case. No point in leaving carefully rolled joints out when you can keep them in here.

Or a stash box made of acrylic, which can inspire your giftee’s DIY side to shine.

The truth, as they say, is out there.

Have you ever seen trippier gloves?

That’s right: They’ve even added CBD to honey. It's especially delicious in your morning tea.

A fancy CBD body balm to soothe aches and pains.

Same idea, but with menthol added (for the sporty stoner).

And one more, with arnica.

A sore-muscle balm that can also be spooned into coffee.

There are approximately one million CBD oils on the market right now. This one is at the top of its game—and promotes a clear mind.

CBD soap? Sure, why not.

For end-of-the-night vibes.

Sandalwood and clary sage combine with CBD to make a very luxe body oil.

They’re called Mr. Moxey’s Dream Peppermint Mints, and they’re loaded with CBD. Need we say more?

For use after a long night, this gel cools and soothes your skin.

A grinder card for the on-the-go stoner.

A case of CBD seltzer in millennial pink will be much appreciated.

CBD + salicylic acid = thanks, Santa. Kiss those pimples goodbye.

Who wouldn’t want this in their stocking? At-home spa is just a full bathtub away.

For your au naturel pal, a body oil made of pearl powder, Himalayan cedar, and Indian frankincense.

The cousin of a jade roller, the FaSha is a skin-care tool made of quartz. You don’t have to be high to use it, but a night of Netflix and chill with a side of weed and facial massage sounds like a good holiday to us.

Or you could go with a night of Netflix and chill with a side of ritual brushing. Your call.

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