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The 25 Perfect Gifts for Your Coworkers

From the office secret Santa to your work wife.

holiday office gifts
The office can be a minefield around the holidays. People you spend more time with than your actual partner, family, and friends loom large during this gift-giving season, raising the question: What is appropriate when it comes to office gifts? And when is it too much?

I had a friend text me recently, asking me to weigh in about whether she should invest in a personalized gift for her boss, as opposed to just writing a heartfelt card. And though either would likely be just fine, it got me thinking about office etiquette and the often confusing territory of deciding to buy or not to buy gifts for your cubicle neighbors or whatever.

In some instances, it’s spelled out for you—say, in the case of an office secret Santa, when there’s a clearly defined price range. Then there’s the less common but highly entertaining office white elephant, which sometimes ends in tears but is always a good time. And then, of course, there are our work wives (and husbands, and non-binary work partners), who can always use a little extra love around the holidays. Click through to discover our favorite gifts—from the lavish ones for bosses and BFFs to the token presents for holiday gift pools, and everything in between.

A case of Sanzo sparkling water—because no one has ever heard of it, everyone needs seltzer to get through the workday, and it’s even better than Spindrift.
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