Getting Ready
fai khadra

We Got Ready with Fai Khadra

We now know what scents the DJ prefers.

By: Stephanie Mark

While in Miami with Dior for their Men’s fall 2020 show, it only seemed fitting that we sat down with current “It” boy Fai Khadra. Amongst the Dior suits and Fai’s own personal wardrobe (he packed for a Miami vibe, as one does), we got a chance to hear all about how the newly blond DJ/singer/creative director and sometimes model gets groomed and ready for a night out.


On getting in the mood for an event:

“I like to listen to instrumental music, mostly jazz. Something without any lyrics. If it is for an event I'm deejaying, I usually go a little bit earlier to catch the vibe and see how people are feeling—if it feels more mellow or if it needs a vibe switch. I’ll usually show up 15 or 20 minutes before.”

On his beauty prep:

“My hair has been really short for a couple years, so I don’t have to do much.”

“For my skin in the morning, I start with a cleanser, and then I like to use a serum like the Dior Capture Totale Super Potent Serum and SPF. Maybe I'll use a lip balm or moisturizer—that's pretty much it. At night, I just wash my face and not put anything on it.”

“When I travel with my friends who are girls, they always bring face masks on the plane. So I always do that with them, which is fun. But I don’t carry them myself. I should start doing that. When I travel, [my routine is] super simple: cleanser, serum, and SPF.”

On his favorite scent:

“I’m obsessed with scents, and I love the new one from Comme des Garçons called ‘Copper.’ Whenever I get a new scent, I usually stick to it for a little bit.”

On a potential new business venture:

“Yes, I actually made a candle, which I love, because I didn’t want to use ones that had paraffins in them. They go into the air, and it’s really bad for you to breathe in the tiny particles. I light a candle every day, so I created one from coconut wax—it’s all from essential oils, so it doesn’t have any paraffins in them, and you can burn them quite frequently.”

On his personal style:

“This is maybe weird, but I feel like I dress for the city that I’m in. In L.A., I’m really casual; I’m usually in workout wear. Here, I just wanted to go for this schoolboy vibe or art-dealer vibe. Maybe it looks like I’m selling art, maybe it looks like I made the art.”