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13 Ultra-Luxe Gifts You Need to See to Believe

When there is no budget.

By: Noah Lehava

What would it be like to have no budget for your holiday shopping list? We can dream, you know! Which is why we made a list of all the crazy-expensive (read: luxurious) gifts that exist in the world. From watches that are just shy of $1M to gold wine stoppers and trips to Japan with Jeff Staple, these are our gifts without limits.


Bayco 18-Karat Gold, Platinum, Diamond & Sapphire Necklace, $300,000

When your nostalgia reaches a peak but your budget is unlimited, you can treat yourself (or others) to the precious-stone version of your Caboodles-stored childhood jewelry.

Foundrae Tenet Wine Stoppers, $450

When you’ve upgraded from boxed wine or bodega bottles, your precious Tampanillo deserves a sterling silver and gold wine stopper so it’s good to the last drop.

Kick It in Toyko with a Sneaker Legend, $110,000

It doesn’t get more sneakerhead-bait than a shopping trip to Tokyo with Jeff Staple. Your six-figure spend gets you a stay at the inimitably chic Aman Tokyo, a private dinner date with Staple at Narisawa, and eight collabs throughout the year.

Hermès Boucleries Modernes Long Board, $4,300

OK, so your Uber rating is too low and you’re looking for a new, chic way to get around. May we suggest...

Moët & Chandon Champagne Vending Machine, $35,000

Screw soda, this is ~our~ kind of fizzy drink. Trigger warning: Bottles not included with purchase.

Déesse LED Mask, $1,900

Make like Jessica Alba and Lily Aldridge, and do whatever Shani Darden tells you to do to your face.

District Eight Ping Pong Table, $6,000

Gone are the days of a hunter-green basement-relegated Ping-Pong table. We’re ushering in the era of the mid-century Ping-Pong—just no red Solo cups allowed.

Daniel Arsham Eroded Bronze Basketball, $30,000

It may have retailed originally for $9,500, but Daniel Arsham’s work’s worth is really in its resale value. Even for the uninitiated, it’s a really cool piece of art.

Gabber Eleganza x Joy BC Limited Edition 925 Silver Rave Whistle, $1,495

For the raver—or Little League coach—who believes in the craft. Only 40 of these sterling silver whistles were made, so hurry.

Leica M Monochrom “Leitz Wetzlar”, $7,595

Tech toys, but make them ultra-exclusive. With only 150 of these Leicas in rotation, this is one helluva photography-buff gift.

Pharrell Williams x Richard Mille RM 52-05 Watch, $969,000

Oh, OK, just a watch worth almost a mil. Some specs that might mean more to you than it does to us: The dial of the watch features an astronaut design where grade 5 titanium is met with white diamonds, black sapphires, 5N gold, and grand-feu enameling. It has manual winding tourbillon movement; the baseplate of the movement features large inserts in blue aventurine glass that evoke outer space. It also has a fast-rotating barrel, winding-barrel teeth, and third-wheel pinion with central involute profile (whatever that means).

Louis Vuitton Monogram Dumbbells, $2,650

For those who are really serious about their fitness.

Theragun 24K Gold G3PRO, $1,200

And take recovery seriously, too.

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