The Cyber Monday Deals of Your Dreams

Including the slinkiest slip dress, a fleece to end all fleeces, and the perfect Jacquemus tote.

cyber monday fashion deals
It’s the most wonderful time of the year. No, we don’t mean the holidays—though, you know, that too—we mean Cyber Monday, which is coming at you hot. Some retailers take it more seriously than others, but one thing is for certain: If you’ve been eyeing a beautiful piece, wait just a few more long hours, and then pounce when the time is right.

Most places don’t explicitly share their sales until day-of, forcing us to wait and wonder and fret and pine away. But you don’t have much longer to while away the hours, and if last year’s post-Thanksgiving deals are any indication, you’re in for a real treat. Just bide your time until the deals really start sizzling.

Check Net-a-Porter for the most luxe items on your wish list—at 50 percent off.
Moncler Harriet Suede, Shearling, and Leather Ankle Boots
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