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Science Says You Should Wear These Colors Based on Your Workout

Light pinks are like a chill pill for your brain.

which color to wear for your workout
Color psychology is nothing new. Remember how you felt when Instagram swapped their logo? Trust us, there’s a reason for the rainbow hue. What about that instant wave of calm you get from the pinky-orangey light of your himalayan salt lamp? That’s color’s influence, too. The effect that color has on mood, energy, productivity, and concentration has been proven in a myriad of studies across a plethora of industries, and it seems looking at and wearing a certain color can impact your workout, too. So we took that data, hand-picked a catalog of color-coded fitness gear, and broke it down by all your favorite workouts.

The Workout: Crossfit, Boxing

The Color: Red

Red is a powerful color and, as the longest wavelength in the spectrum, can ramp up your workout by increasing your heart rate. It’s perfect for boxing or crossfit, when you just need to get out that pent-up stress. But, a word of caution: Too much red can also cause aggression and agitation, which is like the antithesis of exercise as therapy, so mix some other neutrals, like white and grey, into the mix.

The Workout: Weightlifting

The Color: Blue

How cool is this? No pun intended. Because blue hues run on a 25 percent shorter wavelength than red, they actually appear much lighter in weight. But, since you can’t control the color of the dumbbells at your gym, it’s a good thing blues also have been shown to boost productivity and concentration levels.

The Workout: Running

The Color: Green

According to some studies, green provides a “restorative experience.” It’s why you love running outdoors in the summer. When you’re relegated into the indoors during the colder months, wearing green can mimic those effects and give you that extra boost you need on mile four.

The Workout: Yoga, Meditation

The Color: Neutrals

Sandwashed palettes of light pinks, pastels, and neutrals signal the brain to chill out. That's exactly what you need when your fitness and wellness coincide.

The Workout: Dance-Cardio, HIIT

The Color: Neon

Neon and fitness gear are like PB&J. And that’s because a little jolt of fluorescence can stimulate the brain for those high-intensity workouts.
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