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How to Turn Your Bath Into a Workout

We’re all about multitasking.

How to Turn Your Bath Into a Workout
Meagan Wilson

Over the years, we’ve seen fitness shortcuts range from the brilliant to completely bonkers. Do you remember when hot body wraps burst onto the scene, claiming to shed pounds in minutes (albeit temporarily) as you sweat out water weight? And who can forget vibrating belts you strap around your waist that promise to contract your muscles into abs whilst you lie in front of Netflix?

Whilst these trends may have only accomplished five minutes of fame, what has remained is our pressing desire to get fit with the minimum amount of effort possible (*raises both hands*). Turns out, there are very surprising solutions.

That pampering tub in your bathroom is your new workout. Many of you probably don’t have time to use that indulgent object of joy, but we’ve seen a shift away from pampering baths to ones that work your body hard whilst you relax. Whilst not quite on the level of running a 10k, it can condition muscles and joints as well as boost your blood circulation and burn calories. Here’s how to work out without even breaking into a sweat.

Epsom salts

Not the most glamorous product, but Epsom salts get results. Andadded bonusthey’re dirt cheap, too. A pre-red-carpet favorite, they de-puff through lymphatic drainage, but also break down into magnesium and sulfur. When absorbed into the skin, it triggers the release of serotonin (a mood-enhancing chemical), which you also get from exercise.

Swap bubble bath with apple cider vinegar

Splashing 2 cups of apple cider vinegar into your next bath might not make it smell like the fragrant, pampering spa you’re used to, but you have to suffer to be beautiful, right? Vinegar draws excess uric acid out of the body (most of it gets dissolved by your kidneys, but excess causes swelling in the joints). If you suffer from arthritis or gout and so struggle with exercising, this will ease up the tension. Even if you don’t, this keeps joints supple.

Turn up the heat

Heating your bath until it’s hot enough to make you sweat makes your heart work harder as it tries to cool your body down and withstand water pressure. By raising your heart rate, it mimics the effects of doing gentle exercise (just without the muscle toning) by burning calories. The laziest way to work off that double-shot latte EVER.

Bathing in sake

Bathing in sake is a Japanese Geisha beauty secret to detoxify the body. Why? Because sake increases blood circulation, which heats up the body and breaks it out into a purifying sweat (like a workout would) to eliminate toxins. Fresh Rice Sake Bath Oil, $82, also includes ginger, which loosens tight muscles similar to a Yoga or Pilates session.


Photo: Shot on site at 6 Colombus, a Sixty Hotel; On Solveig: Dress, Jonathan Simkhai; Coat, Sandy Liang; Shoes, Brother Vellies; Clutch, Edie Parker; Hair, Angela SotoMakeup,Andriani.

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