inside maayan zilberman closet

Inside the Ultra-Bright Closet of Fashion’s Favorite Candy Maker

Maayan Zilberman’s collections are as Instagrammable as her creative candies.

By: Katie Becker
Photography: Alec Kugler

Maayan Zilberman is the clever confectioner behind the highly Instagrammable candy you see handed out at fashion shows like Noon by Noor, in Linda Fargo’s shop in Bergdorf Goodman and Le Bon Marche in Paris, and earlier this month at the Met Gala care of Versace. She’s also made enormous candy earrings for Delpozo and candy stacks of cash for Art Basel. She is fashion’s favorite candy woman.

But if making candy for a living sounds like a dream from childhood, it all makes sense—Zilberman’s wardrobe is also an echo of her youth. “I’ve worn a lot of the same clothes for as long as I can remember, I still have dresses from high school in my weekly rotation,” she says. “As my body’s taken more of a womanly shape over the years, I’ve had to add more to my wardrobe and think like an adult about dressing, even though I have the same aesthetic I did when I was 12.”

The more womanly shape also helped her roles as creative director at Fredericks of Hollywood and her own lingerie line The Lake and Stars, where she made some of the cheeky, frilly items down below. In her own words, her style is: creative, colorful, confidant, sentimental. “Clothes with stories make me happy,” she says. “My favorite outfits range from hand me downs from my 98 year old friend Ilona, to gowns I inherited from the Fredericks of Hollywood archive, to matching sweats I got with my fiancé at Modell’s on Fulton Mall. I recently heard a great term coined by my designer friend Zaldy—‘The Party Hem.’ It refers to a ripped hem on a long dress, as in, you had a great time and make no apologies for it.”

Unapologetic seems like the perfect word to describe the cuts and colors we found in Zilberman’s closet. See below for exactly what we mean.