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The 5 Best Boxing Moves for Sculpted Arms

Just in time for summer.

work train fight boxing
Alec Kugler

Let’s face it, warm weather is fast approaching and—thanks to a combination of procrastination, an especially cold winter (right?!), and [insert multiple excuses here]—we don’t have much time to reach peak summer goals. That’s why we’ve enlisted the help of two NYC-based boxing pros from studio Work Train Fight. Founder Alberto Ortiz and head trainer Nikki Campbell guide us through their five-move workout that superbly sculpts those exposed summer arms. We’re talking everything from shoulders (read: perfect posture) to beautiful biceps. No previous boxing experience necessary!

Equipment required: 2lb. dumbbells




work train fight boxing

“Stand in a boxing stance, extend your ‘jab’ with your left arm, and point your thumb towards the ground. Then fully retract your arm back to your chin. Repeat with your ‘cross,’ alternating arms nonstop.”

Tip: Aim above eye level for an added burn.

Repeat for one minute straight, three to five times.




work train fight boxing

“Start in an elbow plank position with your feet slightly apart and your shoulders directly in line with your elbows. While keeping your core tight and your hips still, extend your left arm straight out in front of you, followed by your right arm. Think about bringing your shoulder to your ear while punching.”

Perform 10 punches per arm, three times.




work train fight boxing

“Begin in a standard push-up position (or modified push-up position) with your feet slightly apart and your shoulders in line with your hands. Drop your chest and hips down toward the ground, while keeping your elbows tight to your body and your back flat. Then press away from the ground and return to the starting position.”

Perform 10 reps, three times.




work train fight boxing

“Using 2lb. dumbbells, stand in a boxing stance with your hands near your chin. Extend your ‘jab’ and ‘cross’ straight out in front of you. Immediately after, extend your left arm, then your right arm.”

Repeat nonstop for one minute, three to five times.




work train fight boxing

“Start in the elbow plank position. Using only your right arm, push yourself up into a high-plank position. Return back to elbow plank by moving the right hand first. Repeat leading with your left arm.”

Complete 10 reps on each arm, three times.


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