This Bedtime Routine *Always* Gets Me to Sleep Fast

This Bedtime Routine *Always* Gets Me to Sleep Fast

I save this for when I have a really important day.

Meagan Wilson

I have had (as I’m sure you have had) my share of sleepless nights. Especially when I have a super—like, INCREDIBLY—important meeting/event/presentation/[insert anything substantial here] the next day. If I need to be alert and at my absolute peak brain power, I can pretty much guarantee I’ll be tossing, turning, and streaming Real Housewives all night. Stress insomnia, as I like to call it (or is that an actual term?).

My nighttime routine, especially ahead of an early wake-up call, is absolutely crucial. And, at this point, I’ve fine-tuned it down to the essential oil drop for optimal sleep time. Here’s what it looks like:


1. Power Down

I’m not stating anything new here, I know. But putting a hard stop to my work and IG worm-holing by 9:00 PM is imperative. Not only does stepping away from a glaring screen help calm my brain, but it also sends it signals that it’s time to start chilling out.


2. Change into Pajamas

I cannot tell you how many nights (wine-fueled or out of sheer exhaustion) I’ve haphazardly ripped an old tee out of my drawer seconds before plopping onto my bed. But on a recent press trip, I was gifted the softest pajama set from Cosabella that I’ve ever slipped into, and it completely changed my quality of sleep. I think it had something to do with making sleep this sacred, special time for myself.


3. Drink Tea or a Calming Drink

Ever since I was a kid, I always had to fall asleep with a glass of water beside my bed to stay hydrated. Just ask my dad: He still loves to hold it over my head that I would yell out, asking him to bring me a glass every night up until my pre-teens. Now that I’ve adulted and learned that drinking right before bed helps the body flush out toxins, Ive upped it by drinking a warm detox tea or my other favorite, Dirty Lemon’s Sleep with magnesium (which also aids sleep).


4. Scent Is Essential (Pun Totally Intended)

Not to sound all granola-y, but there is some legit magic to essential oils. It’s something about the olfactory zone and the brain—I’m not all caught up on the science behind it—but certain scents have this power over me and just chill me out. I love Uma’s Calming Oil with Roman camomile to calm my nerves, vetiver (which, btw, is one of my all-time favorite scents) to relax my muscles, and lavender for ultimate relaxation.

Photo: Shot on site at 6 Columbus, a Sixty Hotel. On Solveig: Pajamas, Morgan Lane; Ring, Baker & Black; Hair, Angela Soto; Makeup, Andriani 

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