Sunday Spa Routine
7-step vacation prep routine

Our Associate Editor’s 7-Step Vacation Prep Routine

It may be short, but it sure is indulgent.

By: Jodi Taylor
Photography: Renée Rodenkirchen

Why does it always feel like you need at least one vacation day prior to your actual vacation in order to get your shit together? Whether it’s waxing, getting your nails done, or doing a face mask, the to-do list is daunting—and that’s not even getting to the laundry and packing. It’s times like these where I am truly happy that I am a Virgo, aka a planning freak, because I always find a way to get everything done before I head to the airport.

This week I’m saying goodbye to all of these cold-weather alerts (I’m in Toronto, so no bomb cyclone for me, thank god) and heading south to Miami. While I am headed there for work, I still go through all of my regular vacay prep because you truly never know when you may end up with a free hour or so to hit the pool or beach (fingers crossed!). Below, everything I’m doing today to get myself Miami-ready.

Ouai Treatment Mask: I’m not the type to do a hair mask on a regular basis, but jumping between two totally different climates can be hard on the hair, so I like to start my travel prep by getting my hair feeling extra silky and smooth by way of this restorative Ouai treatment. It treats damage with keratin and has artichoke leaf extract to protect from future damage. Win-win.

Caudalie Divine Scrub: Exfoliation is key before you hit the sun (or anytime, really), so that your skin looks nice and smooth in whatever shorts or dress you decide to put on. My go-to is this scrub by Caudalie. After I wash the Ouai mask out of my hair in the shower, I proceed to scrub away every single last bit of dead skin that is on my body. It’s also the perfect segue into shaving.

Gillette Fusion5 Razor: No chance in hell am I headed to Miami without a head-to-toe shave beforehand. I’ve used men’s razors for as long as I can remember due to the amazingly close shave they give you. Post-shave I’ll lather my body with baby oil to give my skin some extra moisture, immediately rinsing it off before I jump out of the shower to dry off.

Dr. Dennis Gross Pro Facial Steamer: This steamer is a regular fixture in my skin-care routine (I’ve been addicted to it for almost an entire year now). I use it about twice a week and always as close to a getaway as possible to hydrate and plump up my skin. It works like a dream.

Isdinceutics Flavo-C Serum: I prefer to use a serum or oil post-steam for that little bit of extra hydration, and my current go-to is this antioxidant serum from Isdin. I’ve been told time and time again how good vitamin C is for your skin, and this serum has proven that point correct.

MV Beauty Lab Lash Extension Cleanser: Once I’ve done all my at-home pampering, it’s time to get my lashes filled—I’ve been getting eyelash extensions for a good year now and am loyal to Naked Eye Lash Studio. Having lashes makes my life at least ten times easier, and I keep them looking A1 with the help of this cleanser, which I ever so carefully use every other day while in the shower.

Deborah Lippmann Cuticle Oil: Last, I walk on over to my nail salon to get a fresh Shellac manicure. I keep this cuticle oil on hand (even occasionally traveling with it) so that the manicure stays looking good for a good two to three weeks. Nothing makes me feel more put-together than having good-looking nails and cuticles—then I’m ready to hit the road!