April 2017 Horoscopes: Aquarius


By: Amelia Quint
Illustration: Hannah Becker

Your song for this month? Kendrick Lamar’s “How Much a Dollar Cost.” Starting on the 2nd, material girl Venus brings her retrograde motion into your wealth sector, stirring up doubts about what it means for you to be rich. Hint: It’s not money, Aquarius! Under the Libra full moon on the 11th, devote a day to beauty. At-home photo shoot, perhaps? By the time Venus is direct again on the 15th, you know exactly what you need in order to feel like a million bucks.

The trickiest thing you’ll have to navigate this month is Mercury retrograde in your fourth and third houses of emotions and communication, respectively. Reminding yourself of your intrinsic value can be a pretty dramatic process, so don’t be afraid to let yourself cry, scream, or otherwise emote. Give yourself plenty of private moments to process, as well as long conversations with your trusted confidants to work out what you’re going through. At the end of the month, a caring Taurus new moon brings your journey to a beautiful close.