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How Taylor Hill Gets Toned

A Victoria’s Secret model-approved arm workout.

How Taylor Hill Gets Toned
Alec Kugler

There are a few things that happen when you become friends with Victoria’s Secret models. For one, they teach you the art of the model selfie (not to be mistaken by any other selfie). Two, you grill them for every last piece of beauty advice they’ve soaked up after seasons of sitting in the chairs of the top hairstylists and makeup artists. Three, you work out with them and in turn learn that, for them, exercise is no joke. So in our continued attempt to get just a teensy bit closer to achieving their level of fitness (and everything else, really), we went to the person who helps the likes of Taylor Hill and Romee Strijd get there: Lauren Duhamel of ModelFit. Here, her five ultimate arm-toning moves so you too can work out like a VS Angel.


Move #1

Cactus Arms


Start with your elbows bent at a 45-degree angle and your arms at shoulder height. Your hands and wrists should be lined up straight. Rotate your arms from the elbows down, then lift back up. Pause in each position briefly. Then bring the arms inward towards your chest, pause, and rotate back open. Squeeze your shoulder blades, opening the chest and the heart. Do 15 reps of each move before switching to the next.  Do 2 sets.

This is a great exercise that opens the chest, improves posture, and increases mobility. It’s a great move for people who are glued to a computer all day. It also helps tone your chest and sculpt your arms.


Move #2

Arm Rotation


Hold your arms straight out at shoulder height. Think yoga arms, firing up energy from your back through to your fingertips. Move with purpose. Flip the palms up, briefly pause. Then flip the palms down and pause again. Repeat this 30 times. Rest. Repeat two more times.

This is the move to get rid of “bat wings,” as it tones the biceps and triceps. It also improves mobility and rotation in the shoulders, while increasing shoulder strength.


Move #3

Lengthening Side Reach


Start with your arms bent at a 45-degree angle and your elbows tucked in closely to the ribs with your palms facing up. Extend both arms out at the same time to an almost straight position (without locking out the elbows). Pause. Then bend both arms back in toward the ribs. Move with purpose. Envision there is something in each hand that youre pulling in close to you. 30 reps with both arms at the same time. Once you’ve completed the set, do the same but with only the right side for 15 reps. When only using one arm, engage the core and fire up the oblique by reaching farther out to one side. Repeat on the other side. Do 2 sets.

This is key for toning the biceps and triceps, and sculpting the core.


Move #4

Plank Rotation


In plank position (your body in a straight line, abs sucked into towards your spine, wrists, elbows, and shoulders all in line), make sure to put pressure in the fingertips as well as the palms of your hands to protect your wrists. Now lift your body into a side plank; heel on heel and one arm straight, reaching to the sky, the other locked tight into position. Return to the plank. Repeat 12-15 reps. Then do the other side. Do 2 sets.

Great for overall toning of the arms, opening of the chest and increasing the range of motion to help with posture. Amazing for core strength.


Move #5

Thread the Needle


Start on all fours with knees about hip-distance apart and with an active core (keep your belly sucked in and dont let your back arch). Reach the right arm out to the side, then twist it through to the left side, bringing the right shoulder down towards the ground and reaching through the left arm. Make sure to twist the torso from the smallest part of your waist and bend the left elbow down as you do so. Unroll to the right to a strong flat back and with your right arm up, even with your shoulder.  Do 15 reps on one side, then switch sides for 2 sets.

This move is a favorite amongst my personal training clients as it sculpts the triceps, and increases shoulder strength and core stability.


Move #6

Shoulder Press (The ModelFIT Edition)


Start with your elbows bent and at shoulder height. Make sure your arms are at a 45-degree angle. Press up, straighten the arms, and bring the hands close together above your head. Pause. Lower back down to shoulder height. 30 reps of this one. Do 2 sets.

Great for overall toning of the shoulders and the upper back muscles. For all my fellow yogis out there, this has helped me with my inversion practice.

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