The 4 Lingerie Trends We Can’t Wait To Wear This Fall
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The 4 Lingerie Trends We Can’t Wait To Wear This Fall

We’re bringing sexy back, one bralette at a time.

It’s that time of year again folks, when breezy dresses and cut off shorts get replaced by cozy, chunky sweaters and the latest and greatest in denim. As we layer up for crisp fall days we can only long for sexy, skin-bearing summer nights. So to spice things up we are going underneath it all and taking a look at some of our favorite new trends in intimates, because sometimes one of the best things about layers can be taking them off.



Asian-Floral Fusion

Flower prints and lingerie go together like PB and J, or Kim and Kanye, or Kanye and Kanye. But this classic combo is getting a major overhaul with inspirations from the far east. Exotic florals like cherry blossoms and orchids mixed with hyper-feminine details like ruffles and lace to create a new look that is anything but boring.


Sporty Spice

There are times when pushup bras are just too fussy and, frankly, impossible to deal with. Those days, the ease and comfort of a sports bra is the only way to go. And designers are finally getting the hint coming up with the perfect match of sexy details and comfortable silhouettes. These active wear inspired pieces will take you to the gym or the bedroom but, hey, either way you can work up a sweat while looking good.


More is More

Do you love lace? How about sequins? Do you feel like Dita Von Teese and Betty Page are your spirit animals? Well then my friends, have we got a trend for you. Opulence is the name of the game when it comes to these scintillating styles. With a mix of bondage straps and other retro elements these pieces will have you channeling your inner sex kitten in no time.



The Cool Minimalist

Sometimes, you just want to keep things simple. But no one's saying you can’t keep things sexy too. Clean silhouettes in neutral color palettes define these cool girl styles. Look for pieces with mesh elements to accent what you got without getting too caught up in the details.

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