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September 2016 Horoscopes: Cancer

JUNE 21 – JULY 22

September 2016 Horoscopes: Cancer

If you’ve heard friends in your feed talking freaking out about “eclipse season”, that’s because this month has two eclipses: one solar and one lunar. As a Cancer, you’re more sensitive to the moon’s movements, so you’ll feel the effects of them more than other people—and eclipses are already super-strength compared to the usual new or full moon! Basically, September is going to give you plenty to write home about.

The monthly starts with a bang of a Virgo solar eclipse on the 1st, landing in the social connections area of your horoscope. Turn off your notifications, because you’re going to be in high-demand for the next few weeks! It’s square Mars and Saturn in your daily grind sector, so the opportunities that arise now—though impressive—could throw off your schedule for a little while. An opposition from Neptune in your personal philosophy zone says you should be discerning about what invitations you accept. In the age of smartphones, everything you do sends a message—are the events you’re attending sending aligned with your ideals? Luckily, a sync from Pluto in your partnership house means your OG friends have your back and will help you answer the tough questions, should you be asked.

On the 16th, a Pisces lunar eclipse lights up your ninth house of dreams. Ninth house dreams aren’t the ones you have when you’re asleep; they’re the one’s you have when you’re a kid, wondering what you’re going to be when you’re older. It’s a revealing moment, that’s for sure. The eclipse is on Chiron, an asteroid named for the centaur who trained Hercules and other Greek heroes for battle. All that to say if you aren’t where you thought you’d be by now, you might just need a little more training. Stay the course. An opposition from Mercury retrograde and Jupiter in your communication zone means you’ll have to put in more practice to get your desired result, and a square from Mars illuminates where you may have been slacking. It’s tough love, but necessary. If nothing else, you’ll be relieved that Mercury retrograde comes to an end on the 22nd! Say goodbye to tech snafus and missed signals, and watch as your daily routine returns to some semblance of normalcy.

The month closes with a beautiful Libra new moon on the 30th, soothing those issues that stress you out in the background—like home, family, or random feels. It’s close by lucky Jupiter, so this is a great time to move or redecorate your home! Libra rules conflict resolution, so this can also be useful for starting therapy. This moon is on the receiving end of some tension from Mars and Pluto, so keep in mind that if people in your life are acting out-of-character, it’s them, not you. Luckily, good vibes from Saturn in your personal health zone allow you to blow off steam via exercise and the new daily routines you put into place earlier this month. Just know that with Jupiter involved, everything will ultimately work out even better than you could have planned!

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