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The WFH Essentials Our Staffers Can’t Live Without

In collaboration with Zenni.

After nearly a year-and-a-half-long learning curve, our staffers are inherently pros at working from home. They know where to take their Zoom calls, how much coffee to consume before they start to vibrate, and how to divide up time spent on the couch versus a dining chair to avoid back pain the following day. That expertise lends itself to the curation of personal essentials, as well. Whether that entails webcam-friendly earrings, a cushioned mouse pad, or the perfect pair of stylish yet practical eyeglasses, they know what they can't live without. And now that our staff have become experts of WFH style, the Iris Apfel Zentennial Collection has come at just the right time—the collaboration between Zenni and the iconic Iris Apfel is allowing everybody to snag Apfel's signature style at an affordable price. There are a myriad of functional options our staffers love, including Zenni's blue-light-protecting Blokz® lenses or the ability to customize any of the frames to be sunglasses, progressives, readers, and more, and with 12 frames to choose from in colorways like cerulean, Serengeti animal print, emerald green, and vivid red, the team can each express themselves with their individual picks. Discover the items that take the edge off our staffers' WFH routines below.

Leya Kaufman, Head of Sales & Brand Partnerships

The Iris Apfel Round Eyeglasses

These are the perfect frames. They show just the right amount of personal style but can be worn for even the most important meetings. I've been in dire need of a new pair of eyeglasses so that I stop squinting at anything smaller than a size 14 font, too.


14k Diamond Cage No Piercing Ear Cuff

I'm all about an ear party. When I stack a few unexpected earrings together, I feel like it gives my professional ensembles just the right amount of edge—and this is the type of piece that I could easily rock with a blazer.

EF Collection

LED Desk Light

This is a multi-functional must-have for anyone who has more than one zoom meeting a week. I love how I can adjust the warmth of the light and use this desk lamp to illuminate my face when I'm virtually meeting with clients while backlit by a window around noon. It also doubles as a reading lamp and can vary in intensity for what I need throughout the day.


Giselle Persak, Director, Brand & Client Strategy

Good to be Square Glasses

My optometrist recommended wearing my glasses more often since we are behind a screen so much more these days. This collection has so many fun choices that it was hard to choose just one (and the price tag definitely means I'll be buying more than one). This pair will surely be a statement on Zoom!


Tokio Super Grip

Without my daily commute to the office, I've traded in my summer kitten heels for something a bit more conventional. Those who know me know that I'm a Birkenstock aficionado of sorts, but I just recently added the clogs to my collection, which have quickly become one of my WFH essentials. From taking my dog out to walking down the block for a deli sandwich, these clogs have become one with my feet.


Dual-sided Desk Pad

After working off my couch scrunched up with my laptop for months, my boyfriend ordered this mousepad for me, which transformed my dining table into a chic workspace during the day. The keyboard and mouse that I ordered along with it have made my WFH station both better-looking and more comfortable.


Diandra Patrick, Senior Manager, Accounts & Social Strategy

Cat-eye Glasses

Gone are the days of me worrying about how I look in my glasses! I ran out of my daily contacts months ago and have opted for a frame that really makes a statement. The cat-eye shape is what drew me in—very much '50s glamour!


Silver Alessi Edition Moka Coffee Pot

I bought one of these Moka coffee pots in the early WFH days as a way to save some money, and was instantly hooked! The daily ritual of brewing coffee on my stovetop is so gratifying. It's eco-friendly and leaves my oat milk latte without a hint of bitterness—definitely a step up from a K-cup!

David Chipperfield

Lift and Lengthen Yoga Block

Yoga blocks are truly a game changer! I'm an eternal novice and struggled with keeping my balance in certain positions. Now I don't have to worry so much about falling over! I can focus my energy on being more mindful and present during my weekly sessions.


Camille Freestone, Associate Style Editor

Square Glasses

You'll find me in glasses most days as my eyesight is sub-par, to say the least, and contacts quickly dry out my eyes. I love the '70s vibe of this pair—perfect for a full slate of Zoom calls.


The Pink Springs

An oversized button-down shirt has been my savior while working from home. It offers the polish of a blouse minus the fussiness. Regardless of season—pair with jeans or leggings in the winter, then swap for cutoffs come summer—you'll find me in a shirt like this one nearly every day.

Même Chose

Acrylic Folding Tray Table

I picked up a clear acrylic folding tray table like this from TJ Maxx early on in the pandemic and have definitely got my money's worth out of it. It's basically a desk you can transport anywhere, but also fold up and store beneath the couch when you need it to be out of sight—perfect for apartment living!

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