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For Skin That Glows, Try a Sunscreen Body Oil

These formulas make applying SPF so easy.

sunscreen body oil

If sunscreen oil isn't already a part of your body-care routine, it's time to reconsider your lineup. I'm not suggesting that you throw away your creams and lotions—I'm saying that you should think about your body the way you think about your face. And that means giving it the hydration—and the protection—that it deserves.

So why an oil instead of a conventional sunscreen lotion? Well, for starters, sunscreen oils are easier to apply—they glide on smoothly, and you don't have to spend a ton of time rubbing the formula into your skin. Plus, the formulas are filled with emollients, which help to soften dry skin. Basically, a sunscreen body oil checks off all the boxes: They absorb quickly into your skin (sans sticky residue), they defend from UV rays, and they typically leave behind a nice, shimmery glow. What's not to love? Below, you'll find the best sunscreen oils that I believe are worth adding to your routine.

Bum Bum Sol Oil Sunscreen SPF 30

Formulated with a blend of cupuaçu butter, açaí oil, and coconut oil, this sunscreen body oil sinks into your skin and locks in moisture. There's also no need to worry about post-application grease stains—a light vanilla scent and an illuminating glow are the only things this body oil leaves behind.

Sol de Janeiro

Glow Oil SPF 50

Packed with oils (like grape seed and meadowfoam seed) and antioxidants (like marigold extract), this sunscreen body oil gives your skin a triple-dose of hydration, protection, and glow.


No Shade Sunscreen Oil

This sunscreen oil truly does it all. The lightweight formula can be massaged into your body or your face, it's fast-absorbing, and it was made with people of color in mind, so you don't have to worry about ashy skin working its way to the surface.


SPF 30 Sunscreen Care Oil Spray

This nourishing sunscreen body oil features a hefty blend of ingredients—like aloe vera, plane tree extract, and organic Indonesian Nyamplung oil—to impart a subtle sheen and just the right amount of hydration. Plus, it can also be used on your hair. Work the oil into your ends if they're looking a bit dry.

$36 $28

Broad Spectrum Sunscreen Oil

Along with providing instant moisture, the antioxidant-rich oils and fatty acids in this body oil boost your skin's elasticity while also protecting it from any environmental aggressors. And the clear formula slides right onto your skin, leaving behind a selfie-worthy sheen.

Kylie Skin

Bronze Goddess Face and Body Highlighter SPF 15

Because this body oil's SPF protection falls below the recommended SPF 30, you shouldn't use it on its own (I'd recommend pairing it with the brand's mineral tinted sunscreen). But that doesn't mean you can't use it as a topper to finish off your body-care routine—the highlighting oil plays well with other formulas, and it's packed with shimmery flecks that add luminous dimension to your skin.


Sublime Sun Advanced Sunscreen Oil Spray SPF 15

Since this formula is a dry oil, it'll absorb quickly into your skin and won't leave a heavy residue behind, making it easy to layer with other products. It also leaves your body feeling plush and soft to the touch (you can thank the blend of argan and shea butter oils for that).

L'Oréal Paris

Organic Liplux Lip Oil Sunscreen

Yes, you should be wearing sunscreen on your lips, especially on those days when you're out in the sun for hours. This lip oil makes application easy—the SPF 30 formula is filled with jojoba oil and vitamin E, so you'll get hydration, shine, and sun protection all at once.


Illuminating Bronzing Oil SPF 30

Opt for this sunscreen body oil if you're looking for a glow-up. With a combination of hydrating oils, aloe vera leaf extract, and the perfect amount of shimmer, this formula softens skin while also delivering a nice and even radiance.

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