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The Mentality Behind Our Style This Summer

How the season as a mindset influences how we get dressed.

Endless Summer
summer style

There's nothing quite like those first few weeks of summer following months of cold-weather-induced hibernation. Hemlines rise, necklines plunge, and seasonal depression waves goodbye. Needless to say, the excitement is tangible. Now factor in this crazy year of lockdowns and restrictions, and multiply that feeling by 100.

The conversation of re-emergence into society is often flanked by a sartorial component—a testament to fashion and its ability to convey a wearer's mood. As clothing allows us to show those outside our inner circles how we feel about the current moment, why shouldn't it be at the forefront of our minds right now? Since most of us approach this summer season with more enthusiasm than we have in recent years, it stands to reason we should want to convey that energy in how we dress.

So naturally, we've asked five friends of Coveteur to put words to that "summer feeling" and how they find it affects their style choices throughout the season. In a general sense, you typically wear less, which means your choices are naturally simplified. But aside from a shift in what we wear, there's also a difference in how we wear it. A few words surfaced often: freedom, joy, and optimism. And it seems that sunny disposition manifests in fashion via more color, prints, and uninhibited sartorial statements—platform Crocs, anyone? Discover how our network is channeling a brighter energy into their style choices this summer.

Kat Collings

Editor-in-Chief, Who What Wear

"Summer makes me come alive. The season embodies how life is meant to be lived—plenty of play, travel, and lots of time outdoors as sunshine stretches late into the evening.

"I tend to wear a lot of neutrals, but summer is when I let my color flag fly. It's the season when keeping outfits simple and joyful is the mood. I'm particularly drawn to simple dresses or sets, like a linen vest and tailored shorts.

"Wearing less clothing means your outfits naturally have an ease to them. There are fewer options, so you throw it on and go without overcomplicating it with layering."

"I love summer. I live for summer! I was born and grew up in the South of France, where we never really had a proper winter, so cold weather is not my thing! Even though I lived in London and now in Paris, I'm still not used to the cold—the only thing I enjoy about winter is wearing beautiful coats and over-the-knee boots, and also playing with layering. That's it!

"My whole mood changes in the summer. As long as it's hot and sunny, I'm happy and have no limit in my fashion choices. You will see me wearing a lot of denim shorts—I almost only wear that! As I love my shorts very short, I balance it with oversize blazers, big men's gilets, white men's shirts—anything to hide my bum! Denim shorts have really been my thing since as long as I can remember. If I don't feel like wearing shorts, I would go for a large silky pajama pants with chic mules. Nothing tight during hot days!

"I love bare legs—I feel free! Never been scared of showing skin as long as it's not too revealing or too sexy. However, I don't like open-toed shoes in big cities; those I save for when I'm on holiday. I still layer a bit, because I don't like an overly simple look. I often wear large men's shirts as jackets, or some sort of kimono. I also play with hats and bags. I don't like people who stop making efforts because 'it's too hot!' or look like they are going to the beach in the middle of Paris."

Katie Sturino

Body Positivity Advocate; Founder, Megababe

"The summer is my favorite time of year! Despite being one of my busier seasons, when summer hits, everything feels lighter, brighter, and a little more free. It's like finally unbuttoning your pants after a long day. It's also what we call chafe season over at Megababe (ha!), so Thigh Rescue is also one of my must-haves.

"The levity of summer definitely translates to my clothing choices, meaning fewer layers and more fun, colorful fabrics. I love a good kaftan!

"Fewer layers not only means more exposure for your body, but also more exposure to your body, so it can be a really tough time for people struggling with body image. I wanted to release my book, Body Talk, this time of year for that reason; summer is the perfect time to re-evaluate and embrace our relationship with our bodies."

"The energy of summer feels like unconditional love. Shared laughs, fresh fruit, vegan ice cream, the feeling of sun on your face, waking up to birds chirping... These are some of my fondest moments from this charming season. Being a person who is heavily affected by seasonal depression, summertime feels like a big relief to me. After dealing with the brutal New York winter, I enjoy the little things so much more, like drinking a cold brew in the park before starting a day of work.

"For me, summer brings out a more casual approach to orchestrating an outfit. I tend to wear a lot of clashing patterns and experiment with eclectic silhouettes. Accessories really come into play because items like sunglasses and hats are as practical as they are stylish. I designed some trucker hats in time for summer, and it's been so convenient because I can wear them every day. For shoes, I love anything with a platform. I just bought a pair of white platform Crocs which I'm excited to integrate into my closet. When the weather starts to get really hot, I wear loads of flowy midi skirts, poofy dresses, and oversize men's shirts. My skin is super sensitive to the sun, so I lean towards lighter and thinner fabrics that will let my skin breathe.

"I find that wearing less layers places more importance on the clothing you end up sporting. Even for my brand, I design with this intentional mentality. All of my creations are intended to provide an immediate sense of unique style to each wearer. Another reason I love summer fashion is that I can play off of my collection of tattoos. For instance, I will wear a baby pink dress with one of my Beepy Bella trucker hats and show off my arm tattoos. I like contradicting various aspects of my personality within my style. Generally speaking, what you wear is an unsaid conversation. When it comes to summer, I speak a dialogue that is playful, enchanting, and lighthearted within my outfit."

Sarah Law

Founder, KARA

"Optimism, freedom, and going out more. The other seasons, particularly in New York, have a heavier focus on work and getting things done. The summer has always felt like a time to focus on friends and taking more of a break.

"Summer style tends to feel more playful, and regardless of getting more dressed up or staying casual—louder accessories, whether it's color, texture, or a specific detail, become more important.

"With wearing less clothing, a key accessory can really change or finish off a look. I love the idea of wearing something really simple and combining it with our oversize Bike Chain styles or mixing in a crystal piece—particularly in the sun, those elements really complete an outfit."

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