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Steph’s Picks: What She’s Buying for Her Home

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After the roller coaster of 2020, moving (while having its own stresses) was the exact welcome change I needed. With the opportunity to design a new space, I wanted to create an environment that felt inviting the second you walked in, but also incorporated quirky elements of my personality and humor. Since we decided to go with neutral colors for the big pieces of furniture, I instead switched my focus to accent pieces and accessories—which, like fashion accessories, happen to be my absolute favorite part about style and design. It was also the perfect opportunity to FINALLY get rid of all my mismatched plates, bowls, and cutlery and to invest in some “adult" pieces. After much scouring, please see below for the pieces that bring me (and hopefully you!) some much-needed joy and inspiration in your home.

Flow Dessert Bowl

Dinosaur Designs

Dipping Light



ABC Carpet & Home

Bud Vase

ABC Carpet & Home

Ripple Down Pillow

Jonathan Adler
$68 $51

Bacharach Velvet Tuffet

Jonathan Adler
$595 $446

Pompidou Acrylic Candle Holder

Jonathan Adler
$295 $221
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